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Rogue NASA, EPA, NPS Twitter Accounts Launched to Protest Trump Directives

Rogue sites protesting the Trump team's new guidelines for federal agencies are popping up everywhere.

7 years ago

Schiaparelli is Gone. Smashed on the surface of Mars

It appears that Europe's Schiaparelli Mars lander crashed-landed on the planet's surface and may have exploded.

8 years ago

Europe’s Orbiter is Safely at Mars, but No Word from the Lander

After a long journey, the ExoMars 2016 orbiter is safe and doing well, but the state of the lander is…

8 years ago

Bright Binocular Nova Discovered in Lupus

A powerful explosion on an otherwise obscure star in the constellation Lupus is now bright enough to see in binoculars.

8 years ago

Spectacular Breakup of WT1190F Seen by Airborne Astronomers

Clouds hampered observations from the ground in Sri Lanka during the re-entry of WT1190F overnight, but a team of astronomers captured…

9 years ago

Asteroid? Rocket Stage? Whatever it is, WT1190F Plunges to Earth Tonight

No one's 100% certain what WT1190F is — asteroid or rocket stage — but we are certain it will light…

9 years ago

Images from Enceladus ‘Plume Dive’ Courtesy of Cassini

Oh, to hitch a ride aboard NASA’s Cassini spacecraft this week. The Saturn orbiting sentinel recently completed an amazing series…

9 years ago

Revealed: Mars to Appear Larger Than a Full Moon!

We can finally reveal the truth. A massive conspiracy, spanning over a decade, has been revealed at last by basement…

9 years ago

Naming Pluto: Christening Features on Brave New Worlds

‘Here be Dragons…’ read the inscriptions of old maps used by early seafaring explorers. Such maps were crude, and often…

9 years ago

Awesome New Radar Images of Asteroid 2004 BL86

New video of 2004 BL86 and its moon Newly processed images of asteroid 2004 BL86 made during its brush with Earth Monday…

9 years ago