Radio Astronomy

Astronomers use the World's Biggest Radio Telescope to map new Features of the Milky Way

Using China's FAST radio telescope, a team of Chinese researchers observed previously-unmapped regions of the Milky Way and made some…

2 weeks ago

Just Four Robots Could Deploy a Huge Radio Telescope on the Far Side of the Moon

For decades, astronomers have advocated building radio telescopes on the far side of the Moon. This “radio-quiet” zone always faces…

3 months ago

Too Many Supernovae Can Slow Star Formation in a Galaxy

Interstellar winds are powerful agents of change. For one thing, they can interrupt or shut down the process of star…

3 months ago

A Black Hole Burps out Material, Years After Feasting on a Star

When observing a black hole that devoured a star three years earlier, an international team of astronomers noticed it "burping"…

4 months ago

Construction Begins on the World’s Largest Steerable Radio Telescope

Radio astronomy has been in flux lately. With the permanent loss of the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico, a new…

4 months ago

Alien Artifacts Could Be Hidden Across the Solar System. Here’s how we Could Search for Them.

Do aliens exist? Almost certainly. The universe is vast and ancient, and our corner of it is not particularly special.…

5 months ago

Dusty Dark Galaxies in the Early Universe Revealed in Various Wavelengths

Well, this is the week for distant galaxies, isn't it? Not only has JWST revealed some of the most distant…

7 months ago

Astronomers Find a Brand new Pulsar That's Probably Less Than 14 Years old

Astronomers have discovered a neutron star so young it's barely a teenager.

7 months ago

64 Radio Telescopes Come Together to act as a Single Giant Observatory

The MeerKAT array just combined the power of its 64 radio telescopes to create a single telescope, which is already…

7 months ago

A Pulsar has Been Found Turning so Slowly Astronomers Didn't Even Think it was Possible: Once Every 76 Seconds

Using the MeerKAT array, an international team of astronomers has detected a new class of radio-emitting neutron star!

8 months ago