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6 years ago

Matt William’s New Sci-Fi Book is Out: The Cronian Incident

Our own Matt Williams has his first published novel out, the Cronian Incident. A mystery novel based on the future…

7 years ago

Celebrate the Power of Naked-Eye Observing With New Book

Check out my new book "Night Sky with the Naked Eye" that explores all the wonderful things you can see…

8 years ago

Northern Lights by Drone? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes Northern lights over Iceland filmed by Icelandic photographer Oli Haukur using a drone. Don't forget to expand the screen.…

8 years ago

A History Of Violence: Iron Found in Fossils Suggests Supernova Role In Mass Dying

In a study of deep ocean cores, scientists have uncovered the remains of magnetic fossils that point to a nearby…

8 years ago

Cooking Up Life in the Cosmic Kitchen

A recent discovery points to the role of stars in building more complex biological molecules instead of tearing them apart…

8 years ago

Perseid Meteor Shower Briefly Storms, Still Has Legs

Reports coming in now from the Perseid meteor shower show a big spike in activity over Europe last night as…

8 years ago

Metropolitan Milky Way

In this guest post from, Janik Alheit explains how he was able to photograph the Milky Way above the…

8 years ago

18 Billion Solar Mass Black Hole Rotates At 1/3 Speed Of Light

An international team of astronomers recently measured the rotation rate of one of the most massive black holes known ...…

8 years ago

Your Favorite Planet May Soon Turn Up In The Mail

Pluto has been explored, and now the USPS has released new stamps to celebrate this accomplishment. And that's not all,…

8 years ago