20% of Twilight Observations Contain Satellite Passes

Starlink trails are now commonly seen in images looking for near Earth asteroids.

9 months ago

Astronomy Jargon 101: Absolute Magnitude

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How Could we Light our Cities and Still See the Night Sky?

The night sky is a part of humanity's natural heritage. Gazing up at the heavens is a unifying act, performed…

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Most light pollution isn’t coming from streetlights

Light pollution is the arch nemesis of astronomy, spoiling both the enjoyment of the night sky and the professional study…

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Top Astronomy Events For 2019

You might've heard the news. We wrote a book this past year: The Universe Today's Ultimate Guide to Observing the…

4 years ago

Get Ready for the 2018 Geminid Meteors

When it comes to meteor showers, the calendar year always seems to save the best for last. We're referring to…

4 years ago

On the Astronomy Trail in Nebraska

Most of us think of distant sites such as Death Valley, the Kalahari Desert or the Canary Islands when it…

4 years ago

A 2018 Outburst From the December Andromedids?

A relatively obscure meteor shower may put on a surprise performance in early December 2018. Chances are, you've never heard…

4 years ago

SpaceX to Launch 64 Satellites, Including Orbital Reflector

A unique smallsat mission promises to be the latest satellite “brighter than a Full Moon!” in the sky... or not.…

4 years ago

Catching Asteroid 3 Juno at Its Best

Not all oppositions are created equal. This week's target offers a good case in point, as asteroid 3 Juno reaches…

4 years ago