DART Impact Seen by Hubble and Webb

What happens when you whack a little asteroid with an even littler spacecraft? People around the world watched on the…

11 hours ago

The First Telescope Images of DART's Impact are Starting to Arrive

The ESA just released a video that shows the DART mission impacting the double-asteroid system of Didymos and Dimorphos.

12 hours ago

Robots Might Jump Around to Explore the Moon

LEAP (Legged Exploration of the Aristarchus Plateau) is a mission concept study, funded by ESA, to explore challenging lunar terrains…

18 hours ago

Watch a Nicely Stabilized Video of DART Flying Past Didymos and Slamming Into Dimorphos

Here’s one of the best videos we’ve seen of the last minutes of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission…

2 days ago

This is the Last Thing DART saw as it Smashed Into its Asteroid Target

The first-ever planetary defense technology demonstration mission successfully conducted its mission, slamming into the surface of a distant asteroid and…

3 days ago

DART Sees Asteroid Didymos for the First Time. In two Weeks, it’ll Crash Into its Moon

The Double Asteroid Redirect Test (DART) took its first picture of the asteroid system it will collide with later this…

3 weeks ago

Asteroids are Constantly Spitting out Pebbles

Asteroids are commonly thought of as solid balls of rock and metal - a place where Bruce Willis can land…

3 weeks ago

Samples From Asteroid Ryugu Contain Bits That Came From Outside the Solar System

Long before our Sun began to form, stars were dying in our part of the galaxy. One of them exploded…

1 month ago

Lucy’s Solar Array is Fixed! (Mostly)

How do you fix the solar array of a spacecraft millions of miles away from the Earth hurdling through the…

1 month ago

Watch OSIRIS-REx's Complex Orbital Path Around Bennu in This Cool Animation

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft conducted a two-year reconnaissance and sample collection at the asteroid Bennu, providing crucial data about the 500-meter-wide…

2 months ago