Bringing the Gift of Hope to Ukrainian Kids through Astronomy

Through education, virtual tours, and outreach programs, Earthlings Hub is inspiring Ukrainians orphans and refugees to reach for the stars!

8 months ago

JUICE in Trouble, Sun-Like Star Devours a Planet, Space Station with Artificial Gravity

JUICE is having problems extending its radar antenna. Astronomers watch a star eat its planet. A design for a space…

10 months ago

JUICE Launched to Jupiter, AI Helping Astronomy, Terran-1 Is No More

JUICE launches to Jupiter and its moons. A new JWST image of supernova remnant Cassiopeia A. Machine learning cleans up…

11 months ago

JWST Reveals Trappist-1 Data, Earth-Sized Rogue Planet, Vulcan Delay

We finally got JWST data about TRAPPIST-1. An Earth-sized rogue planet was found. More information about China’s plans for the…

11 months ago

Venus Breakthrough, $1B to Deorbit The ISS, Moon Spacesuits

Venus has active volcanoes, we get a glimpse of NASA’s new lunar exploration suits, and scientists build a completely flat…

11 months ago

China’s Giant Rocket, Dark Big Bang, Next Bright Comet

The official verdict on Artemis 1. Canadian kids discovered something NASA didn’t know. Was there a Dark Big Bang? The…

12 months ago

Universe-Breaking Galaxies, Source of Dark Energy, Mars Anniversary

Perseverance has been on Mars for two years. Are black holes the source of dark energy? Universe-breaking galaxies found. And…

12 months ago

Scientists Build a Teeny Tiny Tractor Beam

Tractor beams make intuitive sense. Matter and energy interact with each other in countless ways throughout the Universe. Magnetism and…

1 year ago

Huge DART Success, JWST Sees Weird Rings, Moon’s True Origin

DART’s results are in and they exceed all expectations. The Moon might just be a big chunk of the Earth…

1 year ago

SpaceX To Fix Hubble, DART Success, Exciting Enceladus Discoveries

Humanity moved an asteroid on purpose for the first time in history. Juno flies past Jupiter's moon Europa. A possible…

1 year ago