Solar System

Robots Might Jump Around to Explore the Moon

LEAP (Legged Exploration of the Aristarchus Plateau) is a mission concept study, funded by ESA, to explore challenging lunar terrains…

4 days ago

If Jupiter's Orbit got Weirder, it Would Actually Make Earth More Habitable

Jupiter has helped sustain life on Earth, but it might have done a better job with a more eccentric orbit.

3 weeks ago

Planet 9 is Running out of Places to Hide

A search for Planet 9 found hundreds of potential candidates, but they are probably just clouds.

2 months ago

These Ancient Microbes Give a Glimpse of What Extraterrestrial Life Might Look Like

Will we discover simple life somewhere? Maybe on Enceladus or Europa in our Solar System, or further away on an…

3 months ago

JWST Also Looked Inside the Solar System, at Jupiter and its Moons

After the ‘big reveal’ earlier this week of the James Webb Space Telescope’s first full color images and spectra of…

3 months ago

A Swarm of Swimming Robots to Search for Life Under the Ice on Europa

When Galileo pointed his telescope at Jupiter 400 years ago, he saw three blobs of light around the giant planet,…

3 months ago

When did the Sun Blow Away the Solar Nebula?

The story of our solar system's origin is pretty well known. It goes like this: the Sun began as a…

3 months ago

It Would Take About 100 Billion Years for Another Star to Pass Close Enough to Make the Solar System Unstable

A new study by a team of Canadian researchers shows that our Solar System will not experience a close and…

3 months ago

This is What the Metal Asteroid Psyche Might Look Like

If you wanted to do a forensic study of the Solar System, you might head for the main asteroid belt…

4 months ago

The Early Solar System was Total Mayhem

There's no question that young solar systems are chaotic places. Cascading collisions defined our young Solar System as rocks, boulders,…

4 months ago