Lava Tubes on the Moon Maintain Comfortable Room Temperatures Inside

Searching for a comfortable place to set up a research station on the Moon? Look no further than the interior…

1 week ago

Engineers are Testing how VIPER can Handle the Gnarliest Lunar Terrain

NASA's getting ready to send a VIPER to the Moon. Not the popular sports car but a rugged vehicle that…

2 weeks ago

To get Artificial Gravity on the Moon, you'd Need a Giant Rotating Lunar Base

Kyoto University and one of Japan's largest construction companies are collaborating on a study for a "Lunagrass" rotating lunar base!

3 weeks ago

Rocket Lab Launches NASA’s CAPSTONE Mission to the Moon

A microwave oven–sized cubesat launched to space today from New Zealand by commercial company Rocket Lab and their Electron rocket.…

1 month ago

China’s Lunar Lander Finds Water Under its Feet

Earlier this year, scientists from China’s Chang’E-5 lunar lander revealed they had found evidence of water in the form of…

2 months ago

A Geologic map of the Entire Moon has Been Released at 1:2,500,000-Scale

Chinese scientists have created the most detailed map of the Moon yet. It took them 10 years and involved hundreds…

2 months ago

The Moon’s Ancient Volcanoes Could Have Created Ice Sheets Dozens of Meters Thick

Everyone loves looking at the Moon, especially through a telescope. To see those dark and light patches scattered across its…

2 months ago

The Lunar Eclipse, Seen From the International Space Station

If you were able to witness the lunar eclipse on May 15-16, 2022, the view of the dark red Moon…

3 months ago

Engineers Design an Electrical Microgrid for a Lunar Base

Sandia National Laboratories is developing microgrid technology that will power the Artemis Base Camp and operations on the Moon!

3 months ago

A CubeSat is Flying to the Moon to Make Sure Lunar Gateway’s Orbit is Actually Stable

To validate the Lunar Gateway's orbit around the lunar poles (a halo orbit), NASA is sending the CAPSTONE mission to…

3 months ago