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The Lunar Gateway is No Longer a Required Part of the Artemis Mission to Return to the Moon by 2024

As anticipated, NASA has announced that the Lunar Gateway will no longer be part of their "return to the Moon"…

2 weeks ago

New Study Shows the Earth and Moon are not so Similar After All

A new study shows that Earth and the Moon are not as similar as we thought, which helps resolve a…

2 weeks ago

India’s Chandrayaan 2 is Creating the Highest Resolution Map We Have of the Moon

ISRO's Chandrayaan 2 orbiter is quantifying just how much water ice exists on the Moon’s poles.

3 weeks ago

70 Million Years Ago, Days Were 30 Minutes Shorter, According to this Ancient Clam

Has humanity been doing it all wrong? We're busy staring off into space with our futuristic, ultra-powerful telescopes, mesmerized by…

3 weeks ago

Comparing Mountains on the Moon to the Earth’s Peaks

NASA's Artemis Program is planning to land astronauts on the Moon's south pole. To prepare for this, NASA's Solar System…

3 weeks ago

Beyond Robotic Arms. Canada Funds Technology for Space Exploration

The Canadian Space Agency recently awarded contracts to a series of companies to develop technologies and tools to aid in…

4 weeks ago

NASA is Planning to Build a Lunar Rover With a 1-Meter Drill to Search for Water Ice

Meet VIPER, NASA's new lunar rover, equipped with a drill to probe the Moon's surface and look for water ice.…

4 weeks ago

A Picture of Earth’s New Temporary Moon

With the excitement and interest in the newly discovered ‘mini-moon’ found orbiting Earth, astronomers quickly set their sights on trying…

4 weeks ago

Astronomers Discover a Tiny New Temporary Moon for the Earth. Welcome to the Family 2020 CD3

Astronomers are increasingly interested in Near-Earth Objects, or NEOs. There are ongoing efforts to find them all and catalog them…

1 month ago

ESA is Going to Test Two Rovers Working Together to Explore the Moon

The ESA is working on a system (TRAILER) that will allow two robots to work in tandem and explore the…

2 months ago