A Martian Meteorite Contains Organic Compounds. The Raw Ingredients for Life?

In a recent study published in Sciences Advances, an international team of scientists led by the Technical University of Munich…

4 days ago

Europe Will be Building the Transfer Arm for the Mars Sample Return Mission

Now that the Perseverance rover has dropped off ten regolith and rock sample tubes for a future sample return mission…

5 days ago

Perseverance Takes a Selfie to Show off Some of its Samples

One of the main jobs for the Perseverance Mars rover past few weeks has been collecting carefully selected samples of…

6 days ago

There's a Crater on Mars That Looks Like a Bear

Facial pareidolia is the human tendency or illusion of seeing facial structures in an everyday objects – such as seeing…

6 days ago

New Nuclear Rocket Design to Send Missions to Mars in Just 45 Days

NASA's Advanced Innovation Concepts (NAIC) program selected a new type of bimodal nuclear propulsion that could allow for missions to…

2 weeks ago

China Unable to Reestablish Contact With its Zhurong Mars Rover

China’s National Space Administration (CNSA) has been hoping to reestablish communications with the Zhurong Mars rover, but so far, their…

3 weeks ago

Perseverance is Putting its Samples Onto the Surface of Mars, So a Future Helicopter can Pick Them Up

At this point in its mission, NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover has collected almost 50% of its samples. The rover is…

4 weeks ago

Mars Has Bizarre Dunes Thanks to its Low Atmospheric Pressure and Strange Winds

In a recent study published in Nature Communications, an international team of researchers led by Stanford University used artificial intelligence…

4 weeks ago

Seen From Space: Sand Dunes on Mars Covered by Frost

Seasonal changes on Mars lead to all kinds of interesting features that astronauts will have a chance to explore soon!

4 weeks ago

Minerals Could Form on Mars Without an Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere

Earth's oxygen-rich atmosphere does more than provide the foundation for complex life. The oxygen in the atmosphere is so reactive…

4 weeks ago