Webb Turns its Infrared Gaze on Mars

The first Webb images of Mars were just released by the ESA, revealing spectra from the planet's atmosphere and what…

1 week ago

InSight Heard Four Meteoroids Crash Into Mars

For the first time, a spacecraft has detected acoustic and seismic waves from impacts on Mars. NASA’s InSight lander made…

1 week ago

Mars Might Have Been Covered in Lakes in the Ancient Past

New research by an international team of scientists indicates that Mars may have had far more ancient lakes on its…

2 weeks ago

Without Water and Life, Geology on Mars is Driven by the Wind

On Earth, we all know what changes our landscapes: water and wind erosion, tectonic activity, and volcanism. Today on Mars,…

2 weeks ago

Perseverance Has Collected Samples from One of the Best Places to Search for Ancient Life on Mars

Scientists with NASA's Perseverance Mars rover said today that the rover has collected several "tantalizing" organic rock samples from an…

2 weeks ago

Mars did Have Moving Glaciers, but They Behaved Differently in the Planet's Lower Gravity

New research shows that glaciers on Mars moved very slowly, which could have allowed ancient life there to survive.

2 weeks ago

Beautiful Dunes on Mars, Sculpted by Swirling Winds

This interesting image from the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows a field of fascinating dunes called barchan…

3 weeks ago

Some Sand on Mars is Green, Showing That it was Once wet

Green sand might sound like a strange thing to find on the Red Planet, but that is exactly what a…

4 weeks ago

NASA Gives a Detailed Analysis of all the Landing Debris Perseverance Has Found on Mars

A recent blog by Dr. Justin Maki, Imaging Scientist and the Deputy Principal Investigator on the Perseverance rover Mastcam-Z camera,…

4 weeks ago

The Geology at Jezero Crater is Even More Complex Than Scientists Were Expecting

The Perseverance rover has mapped the structure beneath the Jezero Crater, which shows signs of rocks that could have formed…

4 weeks ago