DART Sees Asteroid Didymos for the First Time. In two Weeks, it’ll Crash Into its Moon

The Double Asteroid Redirect Test (DART) took its first picture of the asteroid system it will collide with later this…

2 weeks ago

Socks, The Final Frontier

What is the greatest challenge facing humans as we prepare for the first crewed missions to Mars? Solar and cosmic…

3 weeks ago

Everything Still Looks Good for Monday's Artemis 1 Launch

NASA's long-awaited Artemis I mission is a go for Monday, August 29th!

4 weeks ago

Here is Where Astronauts Might Land on the Moon

NASA has released a map that shows the thirteen possible locations where the Artemis III astronauts could land!

1 month ago

NASA Astronaut Nicole Aunapu Mann will be the First Indigenous Woman in Space!

Nicole Aunapu Mann, the mission commander of the Crew-5 mission, will be the first Indigenous woman to go to space!

1 month ago

A Remote Surgical Robot is Going to the International Space Station

The Miniaturized In-vivo Robotic Assistant (MIRA) is getting ready to fly to the ISS and evaluate if robotic-assisted surgery (RAS)…

2 months ago

Masten Space is Building a Lunar Lander for NASA. Also, They Just Filed for Bankruptcy

Masten Space Systems, which was developing a lunar lander for NASA's Artemis Program, has just filed for bankruptcy!

2 months ago

Nancy Grace Roman Will be Launching on a Falcon Heavy Rocket

NASA has announced that SpaceX will be launching the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope in 2026!

2 months ago

NASA Wants Your Help Designing a Starshade to Observe Exoplanets

NASA is seeking the public's input for a Starshade that will allow ground-based telescopes to Directly Image exoplanets!

2 months ago

They’re Here! Check out the First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope!

The first images of the James Webb Space Telescope are here!

3 months ago