NASA Opens the Lid on OSIRIS-REx's Sample Capsule

NASA teams have started the intricate process of removing the samples of asteroid Bennu from their canister.

5 days ago

NASA’s New Horizons Mission Still Threatened

The New Horizons spacecraft that studied Pluto and Kuiper Belt Object Arrokoth continues its pioneering exploration of the Kuiper Belt.…

1 month ago

NASA is Helping to Develop a Mach 4 Passenger Jet

NASA has completed a series of studies that evaluated the potential for supersonic air travel between Mach 2 and 4!

1 month ago

Universe Today Interviews Author, Engineer & Technologist Les Johnson About the 8th Interstellar Symposium

Universe Today sat down with NASA technologist, engineer, and author Les Johnson as he talked about some of the highlights…

1 month ago

Juno Shares Stunning New Images of Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Io

The Juno made its closest pass to Io, Jupiter's volcanic moon, and snapped some stunning images of an eruption on…

2 months ago

Watch the Mars Sample Return Mission Test the Rocket That’ll Leap off the Surface of Mars

The Mars Sample Return (MSR) has been going through a rough patch lately. We recently reported on reports coming out…

2 months ago

NASA is Working on Technology to 3D Print Circuits in Space

A collaboration of engineers from NASA and academia recently tested hybrid printed electronic circuits near the edge of space, also…

2 months ago

NASA and DARPA Award Contract for a Nuclear Engine to Lockheed Martin

NASA and DARPA have announced the Lockheed Martin and partners will develop the prototype DRACO nuclear thermal engine.

2 months ago

There Could be Trillions of Rogue Planets Wandering the Milky Way

A pair of new studies set to be published in The Astronomical Journal examine new discoveries in the field of…

2 months ago

NASA Astronauts Get a New Ride at Kennedy Space Center

In its continued support for the Artemis missions, a three fully-electric, environmentally friendly, and specially designed vehicles were recently delivered…

2 months ago