Could Space-based Satellites Power Remote Mines?

Many space-based technologies are still looking for their "killer app" - the thing that they do better than anything else…

2 months ago

NOAA’s New Weather Satellite is Operational, and its Pictures of Earth are Gorgeous

You'd have to be in some kind of sense-of-wonder-repressed coma not to appreciate satellite images of Earth. If you are,…

2 months ago

Ground Telescopes can Adapt to Satellite Megaconstellations if They get Accurate Telemetry Data

The growing population of communication satellites such as Starlink and OneWeb is posing challenges for Earth-based astronomy facilities. Since such…

2 months ago

With a Small Network of Satellites Around Mars, Rovers Could Navigate Autonomously

When it comes to "on the ground" exploration of Mars, rovers make pretty good advance scouts. From Pathfinder to Perseverance,…

2 months ago

BlueWalker 3 is a Cellphone Tower in Space and One of the Brightest Objects Ever Launched. Astronomers Aren’t Happy.

It seems our nighttime skies are hosting another new communications network. In recent years, we've seen Starlink trains of satellites…

2 months ago

Air-Breathing ion Engines can Continuously Boost Spacecraft Anywhere There’s an Atmosphere

Staying in orbit can be challenging, at least for lower orbits that are more affected by Earth's atmosphere. But, such…

2 months ago

What Happened to those CubeSats that were Launched with Artemis I?

The Artemis I mission deployed ten CubeSat's as part of its mission, but only four appear to be operational.

2 months ago

Navigation Satellites fly at 23,000 km Altitude. Europe Wants to Build a Constellation That Flies Much, Much Lower

Distances to different orbits can be hard to understand. For example, the ISS sits around 400 kilometers from Earth, whereas…

3 months ago

Falcon Heavy Launches for the First Time in Over Three Years, Carrying Military Satellites to Orbit

SpaceX launched its gigantic Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time in more than three years, sending satellites for the…

3 months ago

The Methane Released From the Damaged Nord Stream Pipeline is Visible From Space

On September 26, 2022, leaks were discovered in the underwater Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, located near Denmark…

4 months ago