Earth’s Magnetic Field Almost Completely Collapsed 550 Million Years Ago

More than half a billion years ago, Earth experienced an almost-complete collapse of its magnetic field. It began in the…

2 weeks ago

A New Instrument is Going to the ISS to Study the Climate Impact of Dust in Earth’s Upper Atmosphere

People often seem surprised when they learn that NASA doesn't just look out to the other planets, stars, and galaxies.…

1 month ago

The Rapid Changes We’re Seeing With the Earth’s Magnetic Field Don’t Mean the Poles are About to Flip. This is Normal

One of the most interesting discoveries about Earth in the past few decades concerns the Earth's magnetic poles. Paleomagnetic records…

2 months ago

Antarctica Lost an Ice Shelf, but Gained an Island

Collapsing ice shelves on the eastern coast of Antarctica has revealed something never seen before: a landform that might be…

4 months ago

Because of Extreme Drought, Lake Powell is Barely a Lake Anymore

The two largest reservoirs in the United States are now at their lowest levels since they were first created. After…

4 months ago

Primordial Helium, Left Over From the Big Bang, is Leaking Out of the Earth

Something ancient and primordial lurks in Earth's core. Helium 3 (3He) was created in the first minutes after the Big…

4 months ago

The IPCC Releases its 2022 Report on Climate Change, in Case you Needed Something Else to Worry About

The IPCC just released its Working Group II report, which addresses the impacts of Climate Change and the necessary adaptations.

5 months ago

How did Earth go From Molten Hellscape to Habitable Planet?

Earth formed from the Sun's protoplanetary disk about 4.6 billion years ago. In the beginning, it was a molten spheroid…

5 months ago

Thanks to Observations, a Potentially Dangerous Asteroid was Found to be Harmless

Earlier this year, the discovery of a potentially hazardous asteroid took astronomers on a roller coaster ride. On January 6,…

5 months ago

Last-Minute Defense Against an Asteroid That Could Obliterate it Before Impact

Gazing at the night sky can evoke a sense of wonder regarding humanity's place in the Universe. But that's not…

6 months ago