Two Years Ago Today: It Was a Clear Day on Pluto When New Horizons Flew By

It was two years ago this morning that we awoke to see the now iconic image of Pluto that the…

7 years ago

Grab Your Smartphone And Become A Citizen Scientist For NASA

NASA's new GLOBE Observer app allows users to observe the sky in their location and share the data with NASA.

8 years ago

First Detection of Water Clouds Outside Our Solar System

Astronomers have now determined a nearby brown dwarf has some exciting characteristics: its atmosphere is full of clouds of water…

8 years ago

Clouds Seen On Pluto For First Time

New images from NASA's New Horizons probe show possible clouds drifting lazily over Pluto's chill landscape.

8 years ago

What are Those Colorful, Crazy Clouds in the Sky??

My Twitter feed exploded on June 25 with reports of colorful, crazy-looking clouds, sundogs, Sun halos and more. The above…

10 years ago

Mountains Soar Above the Appalachians in this Dramatic NASA Photo

Except these are mountains made of water, not rock! Taken from an altitude of 65,000 feet, the image above shows enormous…

10 years ago

Earth’s Highest Clouds Shine at the “Top of the Orbit”

Looking for a new desktop background? This might do nicely: a photo of noctilucent "night-shining" clouds seen above a midnight Sun…

11 years ago

New Desktop Image Alert: The Moon Over Earth

If you're like me, you don't change your computer's desktop background nearly often enough... especially not considering all the fantastic…

11 years ago

Venus’ Winds Are Mysteriously Speeding Up

High-altitude winds on neighboring Venus have long been known to be quite speedy, whipping sulfuric-acid-laden clouds around the superheated planet…

11 years ago

An Early Start for Noctilucent Clouds

The season for noctilucent "night-shining" clouds is arriving in the northern hemisphere, when wispy, glowing tendrils of high-altitude ice crystals…

11 years ago