Cosmic Watch Review: A Unique Perspective on the Night Sky

Watching the heavens on a nightly, or even casual basis? The web and modern technology has certainly altered the landscape…

6 years ago

Grab Your Smartphone And Become A Citizen Scientist For NASA

NASA's new GLOBE Observer app allows users to observe the sky in their location and share the data with NASA.

8 years ago

Take A Virtual Reality Tour Of Pluto

Using data provided by the New Horizon's spacecraft, scientists and the New York Times have created app that lets people…

8 years ago

Virtual Reality and Space: From NASA to Smartphones

Virtual Reality is helping NASA, and the rest of us, explore space.

8 years ago

Adventures With Starblinker

Observational astronomy is a study in patience. Since the introduction of the telescope over four centuries ago, steely-eyed observers have…

9 years ago

Be Part of the First Mission to Pluto with the Free Interactive ‘Pluto Safari’ App

If you’re like us, you’ve been following the news closely as the New Horizons mission speeds towards Pluto. Want to…

9 years ago

App Review: Earth or Not Earth

The folks at Cosmoquest have released a cool new citizen science app for Android! "Earth or Not Earth" allows players…

11 years ago

Giveaway: Sky Live for iOS5 and Up

A new app called "Sky Live" was just released  from Vito Technologies and it will save you countless planning hours…

11 years ago

Giveaway: Star Walk: the Stargazing App for the iPad

Once again, we are giving away 10 promo copies of Star Walk by Vito Technology. Whereas we provided 10 free…

11 years ago

Giveaway: Star Walk: Stargazing App for the iPhone

We have another great app giveaway for you, our valued readers. Star Walk is an app that allows you to…

11 years ago