Brown Dwarf

Brown dwarf discovered with a radio telescope for the first time

A brown dwarf has been detected by a radio telescope, which opens a new way to discover them.

3 weeks ago

Astronomers find 100 brown dwarfs in our neighborhood

Brown dwarfs are smallish objects sitting somewhere between stars and planets, making them notoriously hard to find. But a recent…

3 months ago

Astronomers Can Actually See the Clouds and Weather on Brown Dwarf 6.5 Light-Years Away

Brown dwarfs are in a tough spot. Not quite a star, not quite a planet, they occupy a place between…

7 months ago

Astronomers Measure the Wind Speed on a Brown Dwarf for the First Time. Spoiler: Insanely Fast

In some ways, brown dwarfs are nature's stellar oddballs. A lot of stars exhibit strange behaviour at different times in…

8 months ago

348 Years Ago, a French Astronomer Monk Might have Witnessed the Collision Between a White and Brown Dwarf Star

A collision between a white dwarf and a brown dwarf created the object we call CK Vulpeculae. It was first…

2 years ago

Astronomers Observe a Pulsar 6500 Light-Years From Earth and See Two Separate Flares Coming off its Surface

A team of Canadian astronomers viewed an eclipsing binary pulsar and used the gas as an "interstellar lens" to capture…

3 years ago

Where’s the Line Between Massive Planet and Brown Dwarf Star?

Astronomers have debated which objects are gas giants like Jupiter, and which are more correctly called brown dwarfs. A new…

3 years ago

Strange Loner Planet Gets Astronomers’ Attention

After examining the strange object known as CFBDSIR 2149-0403, a team has determined that it is either a solitary planetary-mass…

4 years ago

First Detection of Water Clouds Outside Our Solar System

Astronomers have now determined a nearby brown dwarf has some exciting characteristics: its atmosphere is full of clouds of water…

4 years ago

Hubble Directly Measures Rotation of Cloudy ‘Super-Jupiter’

Astronomers use the Hubble Space Telescope to pin down the rotation rate of an exoplanet 170 light years from Earth…

5 years ago