Brown Dwarf

NASA Provides a Timelapse Movie Showing How the Universe Changed Over 12 Years

The Universe is over 13 billion years old, so a 12-year slice of that time might seem uneventful. But a…

5 months ago

Webb Scans a Nearby Brown Dwarf and Finds it has Clouds Made of Sand

An international collaboration has used data from Webb to characterize a brown dwarf, and found clouds of sand in its…

6 months ago

A New Technique Finds a Bundle of Brown Dwarfs

Astronomers have a brown dwarf problem. They should be seeing a lot more of these objects, which are cooler than…

10 months ago

Twin Brown Dwarfs Discovered, Orbiting one Another at Three Times the Distance From the Sun to Pluto

Gravity is a funny force.  The gravity of every given object technically impacts every other given object, though, in practice,…

1 year ago

Brown Dwarfs are Probably Much More Common in the Milky Way Than Previously Believed

An accidental discovery suggests that brown dwarfs are more common than we thought, and may solve the mystery of the…

2 years ago

Brown Dwarfs can Spin so Fast They Almost Tear Themselves Apart

Some brown dwarfs rotate so fast that they are flattened spheres. If they rotate any faster they might fly apart.

2 years ago

We Now Have a 3D Map of The 525 Closest Brown Dwarfs

Zooniverse brings out the best of the internet - it leverages the skills of average people to perform scientific feats…

2 years ago

Astronomers see Swirling Weather on the Closest Brown Dwarf

Brown dwarfs are the weird not-planets but not-stars in the universe, and astronomers have wondered for decades if their atmospheres…

2 years ago

Brown dwarf discovered with a radio telescope for the first time

A brown dwarf has been detected by a radio telescope, which opens a new way to discover them.

2 years ago

Astronomers find 100 brown dwarfs in our neighborhood

Brown dwarfs are smallish objects sitting somewhere between stars and planets, making them notoriously hard to find. But a recent…

3 years ago