Spacecraft Could be Equipped With Tiny Thrusters That Use Water for Propellant

Engineers working with the European Space Agency have developed a new thruster design smaller than the tip of your finger.…

1 week ago

Over 100 Million Years Ago, Olympus Mons Had a Massive Landslide

While the surface of Mars looks relatively unchanging now, it wasn’t always so. The tallest mountain in the Solar System…

1 month ago

A Massive Solar Storm was Detected on Earth, Mars, and the Moon

The coronal mass ejection on October 28th, 2021, was measured by missions on Earth, the Moon, and Mars for the…

2 months ago

The PLATO Mission Could be the Most Successful Planet Hunter Ever

A new study estimates how many exoplanets the ESA's PLATO mission will discover during its four-year run, with encouraging results!

2 months ago

Check out the Cool New Designs for Europe’s Future Spacesuits

While the European Space Agency isn’t planning to build their own spacesuits anytime soon, they want to be ready. ESA…

3 months ago

BepiColumbo Makes its Third Flyby of Mercury, Seeing the Planet's Night Side

ESA's BepiColumbo continues its journey to Mercury by making another flyby ... of Mercury! This is the third of six…

3 months ago

ESA is Testing How Iron Burns in Weightlessness

What happens when you burn iron in space? The European Space Agency is torching iron powder in microgravity, to find…

4 months ago

Artificial Gravity Tests on Earth Could Improve Astronaut Health in Space

The ESA is conducting a new study that measures the effects simulated gravity and exercise have for astronaut health.

4 months ago

Hurray! Juice Deploys its Stuck Antenna

ESA's Juice mission launched last month on April 14, beginning its long journey to explore Jupiter's icy moons, Ganymede, Europa,…

4 months ago

ESA Wants Your Ideas for Living off the Land… on the Moon

Challenges have been a mainstay of space exploration for several years at this point. In the past, they have ranged…

5 months ago