Earth Observation

Another Giant Antarctic Iceberg Breaks Free

On May 20th, 2024, an iceberg measuring 380 square kilometers (~147 mi2) broke off the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica.…

2 months ago

Satellite Measurements Show That Global Carbon Emissions are Still Rising

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), human activities have significantly impacted the planet.…

4 months ago

The World's Largest Iceberg Sets Sail for Adventure Beyond Antarctic Waters

In November 2023, the monster iceberg A23e finally dislodged from the seafloor after being grounded and stuck there for 40…

6 months ago

Red Sprites are Best Seen from Space

Planet Earth is full of some truly awe-inspiring spectacles, but few are as intriguing as a sprite, which are officially…

8 months ago

After Stalling Out for 40 Years, the Largest Iceberg in the World is on the Move

In 1986, a gigantic iceberg separated from the Fichner-Ronne ice shelf in West Antarctica. It was so big that it…

8 months ago

Follow a Simulated Journey of the Destruction of ESA’s Aeolus Mission

On July 28th, the European Space Agency commanded its long-working Aeolus wind profile mission to re-enter Earth's atmosphere. It did…

12 months ago

Forest Fires in British Columbia are Bad This Year. THIRTY Times Worse Than Average

Wildfires in British Columbia and Canada, driven by Climate Change, established new records this year.

1 year ago

Phew, California’s Largest Reservoir is Nearly Full

California residents will be glad to know their reservoirs are nearly full again after years of drought. New satellite photos…

1 year ago

Mount Everest from Space

Earth is a favorite target for the cameras and astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). This week, NASA shared…

1 year ago

Why are Earth’s Hemispheres the Same Brightness? New Research Solves a 50-year-old Mystery.

NASA’s Apollo program most notably explored the Moon. But it also helped us study the Earth as well, as it…

1 year ago