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There’s A Fire in Greenland… Again. It’s 10 Degrees Hotter Than Normal

As global warming ramps up, expect to see Greenland in the news a lot. That's because its ice sheet is…

1 month ago

Eruption of the Raikoke Volcano, Seen From Space

The Raikoke Volcano, dormant for a very long time, has awoken from its slumber. The volcanic island is in the…

2 months ago

Huge Asteroid Impact Crater Found Just Under the Ice in Greenland

An international team of scientists have discovered what lay hidden under Arctic ice for thousands or even hundreds of thousands…

9 months ago

That Rectangular Iceberg Took a Long, Hazardous Journey

That stunning rectangular iceberg that was photographed in mid-October by NASA scientist Jeremy Harbeck had a much more harrowing journey…

10 months ago

This is What Icebergs Look Like at the End of Their Lives. This One’s 18 Years Old

Nothing lasts forever, especially an iceberg drifting away from its frigid home. This coffin-shaped iceberg was spotted by astronauts on…

10 months ago

You’ve Got to Watch this Stunning NASA Video of Arctic Sea Ice. Now at its Lowest Levels

In the 60 years that NASA has been keeping track, the arctic seasonal sea ice is the thinnest and youngest…

10 months ago

NASA Tests a Tiny Satellite to Track Extreme Weather and Storms

NASA recently deployed a technology demonstrator called the RainCube, a miniature satellite that could revolutionize how we monitor weather

11 months ago

Stare Down from Space into the Churning Maw of Hurricane Florence

Frightening images of Hurricane Florence taken from space highlight the dangerous power of the storm.

11 months ago

Look at all the Aerosols Pushed into the Atmosphere, from Fires, Volcanoes and Pollution. Even Sea Salt Thrown into the Air from Hurricanes

Using the Goddard Earth Observing System Forward Processing (GEOS FP) model, NASA recently released a visualization that showed all the…

12 months ago

Wow, Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung is Making a Mess. Here’s the View From Space!

The Eruption of Mount Sinabung on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, was recently photographed from space by satellites belonging to…

1 year ago