NASA Satellites can Pinpoint the Exact Locations of Excessive CO2 Emissions

Using data from two climate monitoring satellites, a group led by Canadian researchers tracked carbon emissions from a single coal…

4 weeks ago

Seen From Space: Sand Dunes on Mars Covered by Frost

Seasonal changes on Mars lead to all kinds of interesting features that astronauts will have a chance to explore soon!

1 month ago

A Supercomputer Climate Model is so Accurate it Predicted the Weather Patterns Seen in the Famous 1972 “Blue Marble” Image of Earth

The "Blue Marble" was one of the most iconic pictures of the Apollo era. Taken by the astronauts of Apollo…

2 months ago

To Fight Climate Change, We Could Block the Sun. A Lightweight Solar Sail Could Make it Feasible

Can we build an enormous umbrella to dim the Sun? Such a feat would be a megaproject on a scale…

2 months ago

NASA is Mapping Giant Clouds of Methane Released by “Super-Emitters” Across the World

Everybody's heard of methane. It's a major part of the atmosphere in places like Uranus and Neptune. On Earth, it's…

3 months ago

27 to 78 cm of sea Level Rise Could be Locked in From Melting Greenland ice Caps

Recent climate research, published in the Nature Climate Change journal has confirmed that melting icecaps in Greenland will contribute a…

4 months ago

Alaska Has New Lakes. Unfortunately, They’re Releasing a lot of Methane

A NASA scientist is finding newly formed lakes in Alaska that are belching greenhouse gases at a high rate. The…

4 months ago

Climate Change is Making the Skies Worse for Astronomy

Light pollution. Satellite trains and radio frequency interference. Encroaching civilization. These all pose threats to ground-based astronomy. But, did anyone…

4 months ago

MIT Researchers Propose Space Bubbles to Stop Climate Change

Climate change is a real problem. Human caused outputs of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane are the main…

6 months ago

A New Instrument is Going to the ISS to Study the Climate Impact of Dust in Earth’s Upper Atmosphere

People often seem surprised when they learn that NASA doesn't just look out to the other planets, stars, and galaxies.…

7 months ago