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Best Jupiter Images From Juno … So Far

The original plans for the Juno mission to Jupiter didn’t include a color camera. You don’t need color images when…

7 years ago

Meet Steve, A Most Peculiar Aurora

A Canadian photographer captures a hot river of glowing gas so peculiar that no one knew at first what it…

7 years ago

Join the Eclipse MegaMovie 2017 Chronicling the August Total Solar Eclipse

Ready for the "Great American Eclipse?" We're now less than six months out from the long-anticipated total solar eclipse spanning…

7 years ago

NASA Needs Your Help With the “Long-Duration” Space Poop Problem

It turns out, that famous question of “How do you go to the bathroom in space?” is not so easy…

8 years ago

At ISO 400,000, This 6-Minute Film Shows Why We Love the Night Sky

Obviously, you’ve seen timelapse videos of the night sky because we share them here on Universe Today all the time.…

8 years ago

Citizen Scientists Help Crack 300 Year Old Mystery Of Eclipse Wind

An effectbased on the observations of over 4,500 citizen scientists in the UK during the partial eclipse on March 20,…

8 years ago

New System Discovered with Five Planets

NASA's planet-discovering Kepler mission suffered a major mechanical failure in May 2013, but thanks to innovative techniques subsequently implemented by…

8 years ago

Russian Crowdfunded Satellite May Soon Become Brightest “Star” in the Sky

A group of Russian engineering students hope to use crowdfunding to build and launch what may be the brightest satellite…

8 years ago

J.J. Abrams Heading To The Moon With Google Lunar X-Prize

JJ Abrams new 9-part web documentary will chronicle teams competing for Google's Lunar-X Prize.

8 years ago

Adventures With Starblinker

Observational astronomy is a study in patience. Since the introduction of the telescope over four centuries ago, steely-eyed observers have…

9 years ago