An Ongoing Study of Jupiter’s Cloudtops Has Been Going on for 40 Years

Some of the most useful discoveries about distant objects take time to complete. For example, several generations of planetary scientists…

1 month ago

Juno’s has Been Touring Jupiter’s Moons on its Extended Mission. Next Stop: Volcanic Io

For a tiny moon orbiting a giant planet, Io sure packs a giant wallop. It's the most volcanic world in…

2 months ago

New Views of Ganymede and Europa From Earth’s Most Powerful Telescope

Scouting mission locations in the outer solar system is complicated. It is difficult to know what you find before you…

4 months ago

Mars Express Watched Deimos Pass in Front of Jupiter and its Moons

That’s no moon … wait … yes, it is, and more! ESA’s Mars Express has captured an unusual and rare…

4 months ago

Jupiter’s Atmosphere is Surprisingly Hot

Jupiter's upper atmosphere should be pretty cold, but it is surprisingly quite hot.

4 months ago

A Fascinating Look at Jupiter's Clouds Where the Light Intensity is Converted Into 3D

Using images taken by JunoCam, a team of citizen scientists have created a 3D animation of Jupiter's atmosphere

4 months ago

Webb Telescope Sees Jupiter and Its Auroras in a New Light

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is designed to probe the farthest frontiers of the universe, but newly released images of…

6 months ago

Jupiter Missions Could Also Help Search for Dark Matter

In a recent study published in the Journal of High Energy Physics, two researchers from Brown University demonstrated how data…

6 months ago

Jupiter's Giant Moons Prevent it From Having Rings Like Saturn

A recent study examined why Jupiter doesn't have highly-visible (and beautiful) rings like Saturn, and puts the blame on its…

6 months ago

JWST Also Looked Inside the Solar System, at Jupiter and its Moons

After the ‘big reveal’ earlier this week of the James Webb Space Telescope’s first full color images and spectra of…

7 months ago