Gravitational waves could show what’s happening inside a star as it’s going supernova

It's kind of hard to see inside a star as it's blowing up, because of the whole "blowing up" part,…

2 weeks ago

The Solar System has been Flying Through the Debris of a Supernova for 33,000 Years

An Ancient Voyage Earth is on a journey… While our planet orbits the Sun each year - a billion kilometers…

2 weeks ago

Hubble’s Photo of the Cygnus Loop is, Of Course, Incredible

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you may think the above image portrays the "Nexus" from the movie Star Trek:…

2 weeks ago

Supernova Wreckage is Still Expanding at Extreme Speeds After 400 Years

The gas and dust cast off by a supernova explosion keeps moving at a high speed for centuries.

3 weeks ago

The Last Supernovae

The last supernova in history will be the final burst of light in a cold, dark, and dead cosmos.

1 month ago

There’s a flash of ultraviolet just as a white dwarf is exploding as a supernova

Astronomers recently spotted a rare type of supernova explosion that was accompanied by a massive flare of ultraviolet radiation. Untangling…

2 months ago

Supercomputer Simulation Shows a Supernova 300 Days After it Explodes

The answers to many questions in astronomy are hidden behind the veil of deep time. One of those questions is…

2 months ago

A Star had a Partial Supernova and Kicked Itself Into a High-Speed Journey Across the Milky Way

Supernovae are some of the most powerful events in the Universe. They're extremely energetic, luminous explosions that can light up…

2 months ago

Supernovae shockwaves aren’t spherical

When stars blow up, they tend to release their energy in a roughly spherical shape. But much after the initial…

2 months ago

Detecting the Neutrinos From a Supernova That’s About to Explode

Neutrinos are puzzling things. They're tiny particles, almost massless, with no electrical charge. They're notoriously difficult to detect, too, and…

2 months ago