mars reconnaissance orbiter

Study of Martian Sedimentary Layers Reveals More About the Planet’s Past

A new study by scientists from the University of Texas at Austin has showed how Mars has changed geologically over…

7 years ago

Best Photos Yet of the Mars Lander’s Demise

New photos from NASA's Mars orbiter reveal the Schiaparelli lander crash in finer detail.

8 years ago

What Does Earth Look like from Mars?

Earth has been photographed multiple times from Mars, both from orbit (by orbital missions) and from the surface (rover missions).

8 years ago

New Highest Resolution Images Of Long-Lost Beagle 2 Lander

Images from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have identified the lost Beagle 2 lander on the Martian surface, and might explain…

8 years ago

How Many Moons Does Mars Have?

Many of the planets in our Solar System have a system of moons. But among the rocky planets that make…

9 years ago

New Map Shows ‘Marsquakes’ Shook Wet Valles Marineris Sand, NASA Says

Mars today is a planet that appears to be mostly shaped by wind, but that wasn't always the case. A…

10 years ago

A Martian Blue Snake, Brought To You By Canadians And A Spacecraft

Here's the awesome thing about space and social media: in some cases, you can often follow along with a mission…

10 years ago

Bizarre Mars: Did Lava Bubbles Wrinkle This Giant Circle?

NASA is puzzled by this "enigmatic landform" caught on camera by one of its Mars orbiters, but looking around the…

10 years ago

Mars Needs You! Help Scientists Track Spring Thaw On Red Planet

We've been watching Mars with spacecraft for about 50 years, but there's still so little we know about the Red…

10 years ago