Curiosity Has Spent Three Years Trying to Reach This Spot on Mars

About three billion years ago, rushing water on Mars carried mud and boulders down a steep slope and deposited them…

3 days ago

Curiosity Had to Route Around a 23-Degree Slope to Reach a Fascinating Field of Craters

It's hard to believe, but Mars Curiosity Rover has been on Mars doing its thing for 11 years. And, so…

2 months ago

Curiosity Takes One Final Postcard Image of a Picturesque Valley Before Moving on to its Next Destination

The Mars rover Curiosity continues to make its way up the slopes of Mount Sharp on Mars. On April 8th,…

3 months ago

Curiosity Sees Spectacular Crepuscular Rays in Martian Clouds

NASA's Curiosity Rover usually looks down at the ground, studying nearby rocks and craters. But sometimes, it looks up and…

7 months ago

Curiosity Finds Another Metal Meteorite on Mars

MSL Curiosity is going about its business exploring Mars. The high-tech rover is currently exploring the sulphate-bearing unit on Mt.…

8 months ago

Curiosity Arrives in a Salty Region of Mars. Was it Left Over From a Dying Sea?

The Curiosity rover has now reached its primary target on Mount Sharp on Mars, the mountain in the middle of…

11 months ago

It’s Been 10 Years Since Curiosity Landed on Mars, and the Rover is Still Going Strong

For a spacecraft that's traveled millions of kilometers across space and driven on the surface of Mars, Curiosity is holding…

1 year ago

Curiosity Finds Life-Crucial Carbon in Mars Rocks

We are carbon-based life forms. That means the basis for the chemical compounds that forms our life is the element…

1 year ago

Amazing Flaky Martian Rocks Were Formed in a Stream or a Small Pond

Mars Curiosity rover continues to make impressive scientific findings as it gets closer to marking its tenth anniversary on Mars!

1 year ago

Curiosity Sees Bizarre Spikes on Mars

A new picture taken by NASA's Curiosity rover has revealed something interesting - a pair of spikes protruding from the…

1 year ago