mars reconnaissance orbiter

This Sure Looks Like the Movements of a Glacier Across Ancient Mars

An image taken by the HiRISE camera aboard NASA's MRO shows evidence of past glaciers away from Mars' polar regions.

9 months ago

Want to Live on Mars? Here's Where the Water is

By combining data from the Mars Express and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a team of researchers has produced a map of…

2 years ago

One Feature Mars has That we Don’t: Polar Megadunes

New renderings from Kevin M Gill show a unique feature on Mars: the northern polar Chasma Boreale Megadunes!

2 years ago

How Much Carbon Dioxide Snow Falls Every Winter on Mars?

New research hows how changes in the size of the Martian polar ice caps are associated with annual changes in…

3 years ago

How Old is the Ice at Mars’ North Pole?

Using data from the MRO's HiRISE camera, a team of researchers from UC Boulder have provided a starting point for…

3 years ago

Another Incredible Picture of Mars, This Time From a Region Just Outside Valles Marineris

An image taken by the MROs HiRISE camera showcases the types of terrain around part of Mars' Valles Marineris canyon…

4 years ago

This is the Spot Where ESA’s Schiaparelli Crashed Into Mars

The MRO's HiRISE camera recently snapped fresh images of where the ESA's Schiaparelli lander crashed on the surface of Mars…

4 years ago

It Hasn’t Rained on Mars for a Long Time, but These Sand Dunes Look Like Raindrops, and They’re Filled with Chemicals Made in Water

A recent image from the MRO shows rows of olivine-rich dunes in the Copernicus Crater on Mars, a feature that…

5 years ago

Mars’ North Pole is Doing the Dust Storms Thing Again

It's easy to take for granted the detailed, almost real-time knowledge of Mars that we have at our fingertips. After…

5 years ago

Huge Sheets of Ice Found Hidden Just Beneath the Surface of Mars

A recent study based on data from multiple orbiters indicates that Mars has multiple sheets of subsurface ice, and they…

6 years ago