Building Roads Out of Moon Dust

Astronauts will face a host of obstacles when they visit the Moon again. There's powerful radiation, wild temperature swings, and…

8 months ago

We Could Build a Powerful Laser and Let Any Civilizations Within 20,000 Light-Years Know We’re Here. Although… Should We?

A powerful laser is just the thing to announce our presence as a technological species in this arm of the…

6 years ago

How Far Away is Fusion? Unlocking the Power of the Sun

The Sun uses its enormous mass to crush hydrogen into fusion, releasing enormous energy. How long will it be until…

7 years ago

All I Want for Christmas is a Green Laser: How to Choose and Use One

Want to buy a green laser but need help choosing one? This guide will help!

8 years ago

Finding Aliens May Be Even Easier Than Previously Thought

Thanks to breakthroughs like Breakthrough Starshot, it may be easier to find extra-terrestrial intelligence, by looking for signs of laser…

8 years ago

Hawking Radiation Replicated in a Laboratory?

Dr. Stephen Hawking delivered a disturbing theory in 1974 that claimed black holes evaporate. He said black holes are not…

10 years ago

Sparks Fly on Mars as Curiosity Laser Blasts Red Planet Rock – Photos/Video

Curiosity has zapped hundreds of Red Planet rocks with her powerful laser blaster during her lifetime and has now caught…

10 years ago

Ground Control To Laser Tom! Space Video Beamed To Earth In 3.5 Seconds

What's the first thing you would say to Earth if you were sending a message from space? Well, the old…

10 years ago

Zot! Curiosity Punches Laser Hole No. 100,000 On Mars

The reports are in: it appears that Earth has the upper hand in firing laser shots on Mars. More seriously,…

11 years ago

NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Gets an Art Lesson with Lasers

In the ultimate example of science imitating art, engineers working with NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter recently beamed an image of…

11 years ago