Black Holes

Cygnus X-1 was the First Black Hole Ever Found. New Measurements Show it's Much More Massive Than Previously Believed

New parallax measurements of Cygnus X-1 by the VLBA find it is more distant than we thought, and therefore more…

4 days ago

A Cluster of Black Holes Found Inside a Globular Cluster of Stars

Globular clusters can be home to lots of stellar-mass black holes, rather than a single intermediate mass black hole.

2 weeks ago

Black Holes Simulated in a Tank of Water Reveals “Backreaction” for the First Time

Water simulations that small gravitational waves near a black hole can significantly change the black hole's behavior.

4 weeks ago

When Galaxies Collide, Black Holes Don’t Always Get the Feast They Were Hoping for

What happens when galaxies collide? Well, if any humans are around in about a billion years, they might find out.…

4 weeks ago

In Theory, Supermassive Black Holes Could get Even More Supermassive

A new study proposes that the upper mass limit for black holes could be a million times larger than we…

1 month ago

Missing: Supermassive Black Hole With up to 100 BILLION Times the Mass of the Sun

The massive galaxy cluster Abell 2261 should have a supermassive black hole in its center. But it doesn't. Astronomers have…

2 months ago

A Galaxy is Making New Stars Faster Than its Black Hole Can Starve Them for Fuel

A monster lurks at the heart of many galaxies – even our own Milky Way. This monster possesses the mass…

3 months ago

Black Holes Gain new Powers When They Spin Fast Enough

Fast spinning black holes could have features different from those predicted by general relativity.

3 months ago

Hubble Sees Dark Shadows That Could Be Cast by a Supermassive Black Hole

We use the term 'supermassive black hole' with a kind of casual familiarity. But stop and think about what they…

3 months ago

Merging Black Holes and Neutron Stars. All the Gravitational Wave Events Seen So Far in One Picture

The Theory of Relativity predicted the existence of black holes and neutron stars. Einstein gets the credit for the theory…

3 months ago