Astronomers see Tantalizing Evidence for one of the First Stars to Form in the Universe

In a recent study, a team led by the University of Tokyo believe they have found remnant material of one…

24 hours ago

A Galaxy With Ten Times the Mass of the Milky Way is Preparing to Become a Quasar

New research by an international team of scientists has revealed new insight into how rare, dusty galaxies evolved during the…

3 weeks ago

A New Study Confirms That Gravity has Remained Constant for the Entire age of the Universe

New results from the Dark Energy Survey (DES) have shown that the force of gravity has not changed in the…

1 month ago

The Latest Webb Observations Don’t Disprove The Big Bang, But They Are Interesting

New observations from the JWST don't disprove the big bang any more than Hubble did.

2 months ago

Even a Cyclical Universe Needed to Come From Somewhere

The cyclic universe model proposes a universe with no beginning, but a new study shows it might need a beginning…

2 months ago

The James Webb is Measuring Distant Galaxies 5-10 Times Better Than any Other Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope is enabling all kinds of next-generation astronomy, including producing accurate mass measurements of the most…

2 months ago

Gamma-ray Bursts can Help Astronomers Measure Vast Distances Across the Universe

Some gamma ray bursts could be used as standard candles and allow astronomers to measure Hubble's constant at greater distances…

3 months ago

JWST Sees the Most Distant Galaxy Ever, Just 300 Million Years After the Big Bang

By now, almost everyone has seen the first-release images from JWST and marveled at these amazing views of the infrared…

3 months ago

Plenty of Examples That Giant Galaxies Like the Milky Way Formed Through Mergers

The Universe's giant galaxies pose a thorny problem for astronomers. The galaxies have grown large somehow, and the only things…

4 months ago

These Galaxies are Definitely Living in a Simulation

Studying the universe is hard. Really hard. Like insanely, ridiculously hard. Think of the hardest thing you’ve ever done in…

4 months ago