Behold! The Black Hole Collision Calculator!

A new tool called the Black Hole Collision Calculator let's users see just how powerful a collision between a black…

1 week ago

NASA’s New Video Shows You What it’s Like Traveling Close to the Speed of Light

NASA has just released an informative video that lets potential interstellar travellers know what they're in for!

4 weeks ago

Could a tabletop experiment detect gravitational waves and determine the quantum nature of gravity?

A tabletop gravitational wave detector could take decades to build, but it could answer the most fundamental questions in physics.

4 weeks ago

Complete and Total Mayhem in a Distant Galaxy Collision

A cluster of galaxies is nothing trivial. The shocks, the turbulence, the energy, as all of that matter and energy…

3 months ago

How an Advanced Civilization Could Exploit a Black Hole for Nearly Limitless Energy

A black hole as a source of energy? We know black holes as powerful singularities, regions in space time where…

3 months ago

There’s no evidence that dark matter interacts with any other force but gravity

Most of the universe is made of one of two kinds of mysterious substances, called dark matter and dark energy.…

3 months ago

Japanese Dark Matter Detector is Seeing a “Surprising Excess of Events”

A search for dark matter has found an extra signal in their data that could point toward proof of dark…

3 months ago

Spacecraft was able to measure how long neutrons last before they decay

Using NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft's close encounters with Venus and Mercury, researchers were able to measure the lifetime of neutrons, an…

3 months ago

Time Travel Into The Future Is Totally Possible

Believe it or not, time travel is possible. In fact, you're doing it right now. Every single second of every…

4 months ago

Can wormholes act like time machines?

Time travel into the past is a tricky thing. We know of no single law of physics that absolutely forbids…

5 months ago