greenhouse gases

Could We Detect an Alien Civilization Trying to Warm Their Planet?

Humanity is facing an atmospheric threat of our own device, and our internecine squabbles are hampering our ability to neutralize…

2 weeks ago

An Alternative Theory of Inertia will Get Tested in Space

This summer, the first all-electric thruster will be tested in orbit. This technology could revolutionize commercial space as know it!

1 year ago

How did Earth go From Molten Hellscape to Habitable Planet?

Earth formed from the Sun's protoplanetary disk about 4.6 billion years ago. In the beginning, it was a molten spheroid…

2 years ago

A new Assessment of the World’s Climate is out. The News Isn’t Good

According to the recently released IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, climate change is going to get significantly worse if we don't…

3 years ago

Even If We Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tomorrow, it Would Take Decades for the Earth to Start Cooling Again

If—or hopefully when—we cut our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, we won't notice much difference in the climate. The Earth's natural…

4 years ago

Blankets of Silica Aerogel Could Make Parts of Mars Habitable

The idea of somehow terra-forming Mars to make it more habitable is a visionary, sci-fi dream. But though global terra-forming…

5 years ago

Uh oh, Mars Doesn’t Have Enough Carbon Dioxide to be Terraformed

According to a new NASA-supported study, Mars does not have enough carbon dioxide to undergo the terraforming process

6 years ago

NASA Set to Launch OCO-2 Observatory on July 1 – Sniffer of Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gas

NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) at the Launch Pad This black-and-white infrared view shows the launch gantry, surrounding the United…

10 years ago

“Star Wars” Laser Methods Tracks Greenhouse Gases

[/caption] It may have looked like a futuristic scene from Star Wars, but ESA's latest technique for aiding space exploration…

13 years ago