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greenhouse gases

Blankets of Silica Aerogel Could Make Parts of Mars Habitable

The idea of somehow terra-forming Mars to make it more habitable is a visionary, sci-fi dream. But though global terra-forming…

7 months ago

Uh oh, Mars Doesn’t Have Enough Carbon Dioxide to be Terraformed

According to a new NASA-supported study, Mars does not have enough carbon dioxide to undergo the terraforming process

2 years ago

NASA Set to Launch OCO-2 Observatory on July 1 – Sniffer of Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gas

NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) at the Launch Pad This black-and-white infrared view shows the launch gantry, surrounding the United…

6 years ago

“Star Wars” Laser Methods Tracks Greenhouse Gases

[/caption] It may have looked like a futuristic scene from Star Wars, but ESA's latest technique for aiding space exploration…

8 years ago

Gases In The Atmosphere

[/caption]There are different gases in the atmosphere. There's nitrogen (the most abundant of them all), oxygen, and argon. There are…

10 years ago