Earth is Hiding Another Planet Deep Inside

Earth's early history is marked by massive collisions with other objects, including planetesimals. One of the defining events in our…

1 month ago

A Collapsed Martian Lava Chamber, Seen From Space

Lava tubes and chambers attract a lot of attention as potential sites for bases on the Moon and Mars. They…

1 month ago

Is This a Collapsed Lava Tube on the Moon?

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) captured fascinating images of a feature on the Moon that could be a collapsed lava…

2 months ago

Every Night and Every Morning, the Moon Rumbles With Tiny Quakes

A new study from Caltech shows that the moon experiences "moonquakes" with precise regularity, like a "lunar alarm clock."

3 months ago

Did Life Need Plate Tectonics to Emerge?

It's widely accepted that Earth's plate tectonics are a key factor in life's emergence. Plate tectonics allows heat to move…

6 months ago

The Moon has a Solid Core Like the Earth

A new study by a team of French researchers has confirmed that the Moon has a solid inner core.

7 months ago

Not Snowball Earth, More of a Slushball Earth

Our planet hasn't always been the warm, inviting place we know today. At least five times in its history, Earth…

8 months ago

The First Radiation Map of the Skies Over Africa

Astronomers have developed a way to cheaply and easily measure the radiation exposure experienced by airline crews over Africa. (more…)

8 months ago

The Earth has an Even More Inner Core, and it's a Ball of Solid Metal

Based on seismic data from about 200 earthquakes in the past decade, a team of Australian scientists found evidence of…

9 months ago

How are Mars Rocks Getting “Shocked” by Meteorite Impacts?

A new NASA study shows how samples obtained by Perseverance could have been shaped by asteroid impacts when Mars was…

10 months ago