There's a Giant Magma Plume on Mars, Bulging the Surface out Across a Vast Region

Scientists find more evidence that a magma plume could exist beneath Elysium Planitia, proving Mars might still be volcanically active

2 months ago

The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Also Flooded the World's Coastlines With a Catastrophic Tsunami

New research shows that in addition to killing the dinosaurs, the Chicxulub Impact caused a global tsunami 30,000 more powerful…

4 months ago

The Pacific Ocean Will be Gone in 300 Million Years as the World's Continents Drift and Combine

A new study determined that the world's next supercontinent, "Amasia," will form between two and three hundred million years.

4 months ago

Scientists Have Been Underestimating the Asteroid That Created the Biggest Known Crater on Earth

Ancient impacts played a powerful role in Earth's complex history. On other Solar System bodies like the Moon or Mercury,…

4 months ago

Mars did Have Moving Glaciers, but They Behaved Differently in the Planet's Lower Gravity

New research shows that glaciers on Mars moved very slowly, which could have allowed ancient life there to survive.

5 months ago

Would We Have Continents Without Asteroid Impacts?

Early Earth was a wild and wooly place. In its first billion years, during a period called the Archean, our…

6 months ago

Earth’s Magnetic Field Almost Completely Collapsed 550 Million Years Ago

More than half a billion years ago, Earth experienced an almost-complete collapse of its magnetic field. It began in the…

6 months ago

Scientists Identify the Source of a Famous Meteorite as One Crater on Mars

If we think untangling Earth's complex geological history is difficult, think of the challenge involved in doing the same for…

6 months ago

Mars' Carbon Dioxide Glaciers are on the Move

New research has shown that the southern polar glaciers on Mars are migrating, and have been for a very long…

9 months ago

Jupiter’s Moon Io has Dunes. Dunes!?

New research led by Rutger's University has led to an explanation for why there are dunes on Jupiter's volcanic moon…

10 months ago