Enceladus’s Fault Lines are Responsible for its Plumes

The Search for Life in our Solar System leads seekers to strange places. From our Earthbound viewpoint, an ice-covered moon…

3 weeks ago

The ESA’s Mars Rover Gets a New Map

Rosalind Franklin, the ESA's Mars rover, is scheduled to launch no sooner than 2028. Its destination is Oxia Planum, a…

2 months ago

Mars’ Gale Crater was Filled with Water for Much Longer Than Anyone Thought

Even with all we've learned about Mars in recent years, it doesn't stack up against all we still don't know…

2 months ago

Planetary Geophysics: What is it? What can it teach us about finding life beyond Earth?

Universe Today has examined the importance of studying impact craters, planetary surfaces, exoplanets, astrobiology, solar physics, comets, and planetary atmospheres,…

2 months ago

Earth is Hiding Another Planet Deep Inside

Earth's early history is marked by massive collisions with other objects, including planetesimals. One of the defining events in our…

7 months ago

A Collapsed Martian Lava Chamber, Seen From Space

Lava tubes and chambers attract a lot of attention as potential sites for bases on the Moon and Mars. They…

7 months ago

Is This a Collapsed Lava Tube on the Moon?

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) captured fascinating images of a feature on the Moon that could be a collapsed lava…

8 months ago

Every Night and Every Morning, the Moon Rumbles With Tiny Quakes

A new study from Caltech shows that the moon experiences "moonquakes" with precise regularity, like a "lunar alarm clock."

8 months ago

Did Life Need Plate Tectonics to Emerge?

It's widely accepted that Earth's plate tectonics are a key factor in life's emergence. Plate tectonics allows heat to move…

11 months ago

The Moon has a Solid Core Like the Earth

A new study by a team of French researchers has confirmed that the Moon has a solid inner core.

1 year ago