Dozens of Robots Competed to Race Through Underground Caves

America’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is well known for its challenges.  It held a series of autonomous driving…

2 months ago

Skylon’s SABRE Engine Passes a Big Test

Reaction Engines Ltd. recently passed a major milestone with the development of their SABRE engine, which could lead to spaceplanes…

2 years ago

MIT Claims they are Programming Humanoid Robots to help Explore Mars. But we all Know It’s Cylons!

MIT and other institutions are programming NASA's R5 robot to help astronauts explore Mars and other worlds beyond!

5 years ago

Here’s a Better Use for Fighter Jets: Launching Satellites

For decades, the human race has been deploying satellites into orbit. And in all that time, the method has remained…

7 years ago

DARPA’s Experimental Space Plane XS-1 Starts Development

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is looking to develop a fully-reusable unmanned spaceplane, and they are now ready…

7 years ago

X-51 Waverider ‘Scramjet’ Test Flight Fails

[/caption] A highly anticipated test flight of the X-51A Waverider scramjet ended abruptly after the experimental aircraft suffered a control…

9 years ago

DARPA Moving Ahead with Building Zombie Frankensatellites

Caption: Phoenix satellite concept. Credit: DARPA “Alien” meets “Bride of Frankenstein” and “Night of the Living Dead?” Straight from a…

9 years ago

Top Secret Air Force Mini Shuttle lands after Record-Setting Stay in Space

Image Caption: 2nd X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle Successfully Completes 1st Flight by landing at Vandernberg AFB, Calif., on June 16,…

9 years ago

100 Year Starship Project Has a New Leader

[/caption] You may have heard by now about the 100 Year Starship project, a new research initiative to develop the…

10 years ago