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Solar System Guide

The Solar System. Image Credit: NASA

The Solar System. Image Credit: NASA

We occupy a small portion of the solar system, which occupies and even smaller portion of the galaxy, and so on. To understand the entire Universe would take more than any one person could do in a lifetime. Just researching our solar system could occupy a scientist throughout a career. Obviously, you do not have that kind of time to dedicate to the topic, so we decided to compile many of the article we have about it here on Universe Today in one simple page of links for your convenience.Before we through you to the links, here are a few fun facts about the solar system that we live in.

There are 166 moons orbiting the 8 recognized planets in our solar system.

Some scientists believe that there may be a second star in our solar system, but we can not see it. They have even gone so far as to name it ‘Nemesis’. It is theorized that it exists beyond the Oort Cloud; therefore, out of our viewing capabilities.

The largest volcano in the solar system also happens to be the largest mountain on Mars. Olympus Mons is three times taller than Mt. Everest at a towering 27 kilometers.

There are four dwarf planets in our solar system. Any of the four could become planets depending on any future reclassification efforts by the International Astronomical Union.

As humans we think that we are a huge part of the Universe. We are not. We occupy one planet that orbits a single star among the 200 billion that are in the Milky Way. Imagine how tiny we are compared to the known Universe?

There are thousands of facts about the solar system in the links below. Enjoy your research.

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