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Article written: 21 Jan , 2017
Updated: 19 Feb , 2018

As a space journalist, I come across a lot of amazing stories, photographs, videos and more. And I just don’t have time to cover it all in video form, or even on Universe Today.

But I’ve decided to put my information overload to use and write a weekly email newsletter. I’m personally choosing the stories, and I’m personally writing the newsletter. No robots will be involved in the crafting of this newsletter, just good old fashioned artisanal Fraser neurons.

This is also a conversation, a way you can comment back to me on the stories that you really like.

It comes out once a week on Fridays, contains a dozen or so of the most interesting news and stories I saw this week. Not just stuff from Universe Today, but from across the space reporting sphere.

And of course, you can unsubscribe any time.

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