Mars Odyssey

Mars has Seasons, and They Might Have Revealed Where it’s Hiding its Water

The search for water on Mars has consumed a lot of data collection and research time.  Underground lakes have been…

4 months ago

When Martian Storms Really Get Going, they Create Towers of Dust 80 Kilometers High

When a huge dust storm on Mars—like the one in 2018—reaches its full power, it can turn into a globe-bestriding…

2 years ago

Mars Odyssey Reveals Phobos Using THEMIS

NASA's aging 2001 Mars Odyssey orbiter recently snapped some unique views of the twin moons Phobos and Deimos, in an…

3 years ago

Uh oh, Mars Doesn’t Have Enough Carbon Dioxide to be Terraformed

According to a new NASA-supported study, Mars does not have enough carbon dioxide to undergo the terraforming process

3 years ago

Old Mars Odyssey Data Indicates Presence of Ice Around Martian Equator

After re-examining old data from the Mars Odyssey mission, a team of scientists has found evidence for the presence of…

4 years ago

NASA Curiosity Rover Missing ‘Scientific Focus And Detail’ In Mars Mission: Review

NASA's planetary senior review panel harshly criticized the scientific return of the Curiosity rover in a report released yesterday (Sept.…

7 years ago

NASA Preps for Nail-biting Comet Flyby of Mars

As Comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring inches closer to the Red Planet, NASA's taking steps to protect its fleet of orbiting…

8 years ago

Feel The Heat! New Mars Map Shows Differences Between Bedrock And Sand

For years, NASA's Mars Odyssey has been working on some night moves. It's been taking pictures of the Red Planet…

8 years ago

Martian Spacecraft Busts A Move To Glimpse Possible Water Flows

Just a few days ago, we posted about possibly salty water flows on Mars. Of note, the NASA press release…

8 years ago

How Much Science Data Has The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Sent To Earth?

Imagine being able to watch three months' worth of high-definition space video sequentially -- maybe real-time coverage on the International…

8 years ago