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Falcon 9 v.1.1

SpaceX Launching NASA Jason-3 Ocean Surveillance Satellite Jan. 17; with Barge Rocket Landing – Watch Live

The joint NASA-European ocean surveillance satellite named Jason-3 is poised for blastoff from SpaceX’s California launch pad on Sunday, Jan.…

4 years ago

SpaceX Trying Ambitious 2nd Rocket Recovery Landing in 4 Weeks

SpaceX is on course to move ahead with an ambitious spaceflight agenda, trying a 2nd rocket recovery landing of their…

4 years ago

Successful Engine Test Enables SpaceX Falcon 9 Soar to Space Station in Jan. 2015

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - To ensure the highest possibility of success for the launch of a critical resupply mission…

5 years ago

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket to Attempt Daring Ocean Platform Landing with Next Launch

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - In a key test of rocket reusability, SpaceX will attempt a daring landing of their…

5 years ago

Boeing and SpaceX Win NASA’s ‘Space Taxi’ Contracts for Space Station Flights

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - NASA Administrator Charles Bolden announced that Boeing and SpaceX have won the high stakes and…

5 years ago