SpaceX Shows Off Its New Extravehicular Activity Suit

In February 2022, SpaceX and entrepreneur/philanthropist Jared Isaacman (commander of the Inspiration4 mission) announced they were launching a new program…

2 weeks ago

Starship Reaches Orbit on SpaceX’s Third Test but Breaks Up on Re-Entry

After falling short in its first two attempts, SpaceX got its Starship super-rocket to an orbital altitude today during the…

2 months ago

SpaceX is Gearing Up for the Starship’s Third Orbital Test Flight

The Starship/Super Heavy is the world's first fully reusable launch system and the most powerful rocket in history. It is…

3 months ago

Now We Know Why Starship’s Second Flight Test Failed

SpaceX is often in the headlines, unfortunlatey its not always good news. On 18th November we saw the second of…

4 months ago

A Chinese Booster (and Additional Secret Payload) Caused a Double Crater on the Moon

Last year, astronomers warned that a large piece of debris was on a collision course with the Moon. Initially, they…

6 months ago

SpaceX Tested Its Starship Again. Successful Launch But Both Vehicles Were Destroyed

SpaceX has completed its second orbital launch test; and once again, the results were a bit mixed!

6 months ago

Starship Could Be Ready to Launch on Friday

Space exploration should never be run of the mill nor something that finds itself on the back pages of the…

6 months ago

SpaceX Test Fires a Raptor Engine, Simulating a Lunar Landing

When NASA astronauts return to the surface of the Moon in the Artemis III mission, the plan is to use…

8 months ago

Crew-7 Reaches the International Space Station

SpaceX Crew-7, the next group of four astronauts, are now on board the International Space Station, and this diverse crew…

9 months ago

Even Though They’re Bigger, Generation 2 Starlinks are Fainter than Gen 1

We've filed plenty of reports here at UT warning about the potential impact of Starlink and similar satellites on the…

11 months ago