Astronauts Come Back to Earth on August 2nd, Completing the Full Crew Dragon Test

On Sunday, August 2nd, astronauts Bog and Doug will return from the ISS, thus completing NASA's first crewed mission from…

1 week ago

SpaceX Finally Catches Both Halves of a Falcon 9 Fairing

SpaceX achieved another milestone when the payload fairings used for the ANASIS-II mission were both caught by ships at sea…

2 weeks ago

Will We See a Starship Test This Week?

Barring a further delays, the fifth Starship prototype (SN5) could be ready for a static fire and hop test by…

3 weeks ago

NASA Changes its Mind. It Will be Using Previously Flown Crew Dragons and Falcon 9

NASA has announced that starting next year, SpaceX will be able to reuse its Crew Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9…

1 month ago

How SpaceX is Changing Starship to be Able to Land on the Moon

Elon Musk recently revealed more details about the HLS Starship, which could be taking astronauts back to the Moon.

2 months ago

Once Starship Prototypes are Done Exploding, we could see an Orbital Launch this Year

According to a leaked internal email, SpaceX is all-in on the development of the Starship, which the company's chief engineer…

2 months ago

NASA and SpaceX Make History with Successful Crew Dragon Launch!

NASA and SpaceX made history today with the launch of second demonstration flight of the Crew Dragon (Demo-2), which signalled…

2 months ago

SN4, We Hardly Knew You. Another Starship Prototype Lost!

SpaceX suffered yet another setback when their SN4 prototype exploded into a fireball during a static fire test of its…

2 months ago

Due to Weather Delay, NASA & SpaceX Push Historic Launch to Saturday

This Saturday, NASA and SpaceX will make their second attempt to send astronauts to the ISS from US soil for…

2 months ago

The SpaceX Starship Could Fly This Summer!

Despite an unexpected fire during the latest static fire test, SpaceX's Starship prototype is alive and well and closer to…

2 months ago