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europa mission

Water Vapor Was Just Found on Europa, More Evidence There’s Liquid Water Beneath All that Ice

What's been long-suspected has now been confirmed: Jupiter's moon Europa has water. As we've learned more about the outer Solar…

2 months ago

Europa’s Venting Global Ocean May Be Easier To Reach Than We Thought

Today, NASA announced that images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope have shown more evidence of water plumes on Europa's…

3 years ago

NASA Gives ‘GO’ for Mission to Alien Ocean World at Jupiter Moon Europa

Artist's concept of NASA mission streaking over ocean world of Europa. Credit: NASA/JPL Story updated[/caption] At long last NASA is…

5 years ago

Obama Administration Proposes $18.5 Billion Budget for NASA – Bolden

The Obama Administration today (Feb. 2) proposed a NASA budget allocation of $18.5 Billion for the new Fiscal Year 2016,…

5 years ago

Targeting Icy Europa: NASA Seeks Ideas To Explore Potentially Habitable Moon

What lies beneath the cracked, thick ice on the surface of Europa? NASA is hoping to fly a mission to…

6 years ago