Europa Could be Covered in Salty Ice

Jupiter’s second Galilean moon, Europa, is one of the most fascinating planetary objects in our Solar System with its massive…

4 weeks ago

All of Jupiter's Large Moons Have Auroras

New observations have revealed that all four of Jupiter's largest moons have aurorae, and they are spectacular!

4 weeks ago

Scientists are Simulating Europa in the Lab, Learning What They Can Before Clipper Arrives in 2030

What's the best way to learn about Europa before we actually land a mission there? A team of scientists at…

1 month ago

A Hybrid Fission/Fusion Reactor Could be the Best way to get Through the ice on Europa

A new proposal for a hybrid nuclear reactor could power missions to Europa, and was selected by NASA for Phase…

2 months ago

Comet Impacts Could Have Brought the Raw Ingredients for Life to Europa’s Ocean

Jupiter is the most-visited planet in the Solar System, thanks largely to NASA. It all started with Pioneer 10 and…

3 months ago

If We’re Going to Get Under the Ice on Europa, How Will We Send a Signal Back to the Surface?

If we send some type of nuclear-powered tunnelbot to Europa to seek life under its icy shield, how will we…

4 months ago

Hydrothermal Vents Under the Arctic Ice are Perfect Places to Practice Exploring Europa

Someday on Europa, there'll be a robotic explorer diving beneath its icy surface to find volcanoes. Yes, even though it's…

4 months ago

New Views of Ganymede and Europa From Earth’s Most Powerful Telescope

Scouting mission locations in the outer solar system is complicated. It is difficult to know what you find before you…

5 months ago

If There are Shallow Lakes Under the Ice on Europa, Clipper Will Find Them

"All these worlds are yours except Europa. Attempt no landings there." That was the ominous message sent to Earth in…

5 months ago

Here are the High-Resolution Images of Europa Captured by Juno During its Recent Flyby

It's been over twenty-two years since we’ve been able to see Jupiter’s enticing moon Europa close-up. But now the Juno…

6 months ago