After British Columbia’s Record-Breaking Heatwave, Here Come the Wildfires

NASA just released a series of satellite images that show the wildfires currently raging in British Columbia's interior.

11 months ago

Want to Mine the Moon? Here’s a Detailed Map of all its Minerals

The USGS' Astrogeology Science Center has released a complete mineral map of the Moon, which the lunar mining crowd is…

2 years ago

Curiosity Cores Hole in Mars at ‘Lubango’ Fracture Zone

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover successfully bored a brand new hole in Mars at a tantalizing sandstone outcrop…

6 years ago

What is the Haleakala Volcano?

Hawaii is famous for its lovely mountains, tropical climate, and majestic oceanfront vistas. Another thing it is famous for is…

7 years ago

30 Years of City Growth Seen From Space

Since the launch of its first satellite in 1972, the eight NASA/USGS Landsat satellites have made the longest continuous observations…

9 years ago

The Sun Doesn’t Cause Earthquakes

If that title seems like an obvious statement to you, it's ok... it seems pretty obvious to me too. But…

9 years ago

Earth Has Less Water Than You Think

[/caption] If you were to take all of the water on Earth -- all of the fresh water, sea water,…

10 years ago