After British Columbia’s Record-Breaking Heatwave, Here Come the Wildfires

NASA just released a series of satellite images that show the wildfires currently raging in British Columbia's interior.

3 years ago

Want to Mine the Moon? Here’s a Detailed Map of all its Minerals

The USGS' Astrogeology Science Center has released a complete mineral map of the Moon, which the lunar mining crowd is…

4 years ago

Curiosity Cores Hole in Mars at ‘Lubango’ Fracture Zone

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover successfully bored a brand new hole in Mars at a tantalizing sandstone outcrop…

8 years ago

What is the Haleakala Volcano?

Hawaii is famous for its lovely mountains, tropical climate, and majestic oceanfront vistas. Another thing it is famous for is…

9 years ago

30 Years of City Growth Seen From Space

Since the launch of its first satellite in 1972, the eight NASA/USGS Landsat satellites have made the longest continuous observations…

11 years ago

The Sun Doesn’t Cause Earthquakes

If that title seems like an obvious statement to you, it's ok... it seems pretty obvious to me too. But…

11 years ago

Earth Has Less Water Than You Think

[/caption] If you were to take all of the water on Earth -- all of the fresh water, sea water,…

12 years ago