Astronomers See Flashes on the Sun That Could be a Sign of an Upcoming Flare

Using data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory, scientists have discovered new clues that could help predict when and where the…

1 week ago

How Crazy Magnetic Fields Drive the Sun Mad

Solar coronal jets are fast moving plumes of plasma that erupt suddenly from the polar regions of the Sun. Astronomers…

3 weeks ago

133 Days of the Sun’s Glory

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center has released an hour-long time-lapse video that shows 133 days of the Sun's life. The…

4 weeks ago

How Many Stars Formed Together With the Sun in Our Stellar Nebula?

Even though our Sun is now a solitary star, it still has siblings somewhere in the Milky Way. Stars form…

1 month ago

Aztecs Used an Extremely Accurate Solar Observatory to Manage Their Farming

A new study demonstrates how the Mexico (Aztecs) kept track of solar cycles to guide their agricultural practices

2 months ago

NASA Tests a Solar Sail Segment of its Enormous Solar Cruiser Mission

A team led by NASA Marshall was selected to build a technology demonstrator called the Solar Cruiser to mature solar…

2 months ago

The Sun Could Hurl Powerful Storms at Earth From its Goofy Smile

Our Sun is the very reason we’re alive. It provides warmth and the energy our planet needs to keep going.…

3 months ago

Meet The Solar Ring: A Proposed Spacecraft That Will Have a Panoramic View of the Sun

The Sun is active, dynamic, and occasionally violent. Unfortunately our view of the Sun is limited to a small handful…

3 months ago

The Most Devastating Solar Storms in History are Scoured Into Tree Rings

Trees are like sentinels that preserve a record of shifting climates. Their growth rings hold that history and dendrochronology studies…

3 months ago

The History of the Sun is Written on the Moon

If you want to learn about the history of the Sun, then look no further than the Moon. That's the…

5 months ago