Mars Science Laboratory

Perseverance is Turning Into That Friend That's Always Picking Up Rocks

NASA's Perseverance rover just obtained its sixteenth sample, which will be retrieved by the joint NASA/ESA Sample Return Mission

1 year ago

Mars 2020’s New Name is… “Perseverance”

NASA's Mars 2020 rover finally has a proper name - Perseverance!

4 years ago

Pictures from Curiosity Show the Bottom of an Ancient Lake on Mars, the Perfect Place to Search for Evidence of Past Life

It's all about the detail. In a way, Mars looks like a dusty, dead, dry, boring planet. But science says…

5 years ago

Engineers Develop a Whole New Way to Use Curiosity’s Drill After a Recent Hardware Failure

Due to a mechanical failure, engineers at NASA JPL have developed a new method for the Curiosity drill, which was…

6 years ago

Mountains, Gandalf! Red Planet Pictures Show Mars In The Eyes Of The Rovers

Fancy a little Mars in your daily life? You need go no further than the excellent raw image archive that…

10 years ago

Go Mars-Digging Beside Curiosity In New Interactive Panorama

Here's a nice distraction to start off the day: pretend you're playing in the sandbox of Mars alongside Curiosity. This…

11 years ago

Finding Life in All the Unlikely, Unexpected Places

Just one of several weather stations set up at Chott El Jerid, a Tunisian saltpan, measuring temperature, humidity, ultraviolet radiation,…

12 years ago

Say Ahhh to Mars

Take a deep breath because this new panorama from Mars enthusiast Stu Atkinson will take it away. "Anyway, a whole…

12 years ago

Take a Trip to Explore Gale Crater

Images from the Curiosity rover on Mars are truly spectacular but a large mosaic from the THEMIS camera aboard NASA's…

12 years ago

President Obama Calls with Congratulations for Mars Science Laboratory Team

US President Barack Obama called up the Mars Science Laboratory team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory today, August 13, congratulating…

12 years ago