Moons Orbiting Rogue Planets Could be Habitable

A new study reveals how rogue planets could have "Ocean World" moons that may support life.

2 days ago

Finding Life in the Solar System Means Crunching a Lot of Data. The Perfect Job for Machine Learning

There are plenty of places for life to hide. Even on our blue planet, where we know there is abundant…

2 weeks ago

JWST Sees Frozen Water, Ammonia, Methane and Other Ices in a Protostellar Nebula

Want to build a habitable planet? Then you’ll need various and sundry ingredients such as carbon, hydrogen oxygen, nitrogen and…

2 months ago

How Could We Detect Life Inside Enceladus?

A new study provides estimates on what an astrobiology mission could find when it goes to Enceladus and samples its…

3 months ago

Here are Four Ways JWST Could Detect Alien Life

There are many ways that the James Webb Space Telescope could search for life. Here are four promising ones.

5 months ago

Mars Could Have Been Warm and wet, While Earth was Still a Glowing Ball of Molten Rock

New research suggests that when Earth was still a ball of molten rock, Mars may have been covered in warm,…

5 months ago

NASA has Built a Collection of Instruments That Will Search for Life Inside Europa and Enceladus

Scientists at NASA JPL and Colorado University have created a new instrument for finding signs of life, called the Ocean…

6 months ago

Mars Might Have Been Covered in Lakes in the Ancient Past

New research by an international team of scientists indicates that Mars may have had far more ancient lakes on its…

6 months ago

Perseverance Has Collected Samples from One of the Best Places to Search for Ancient Life on Mars

Scientists with NASA's Perseverance Mars rover said today that the rover has collected several "tantalizing" organic rock samples from an…

7 months ago

Alien Artifacts Could Be Hidden Across the Solar System. Here’s how we Could Search for Them.

Do aliens exist? Almost certainly. The universe is vast and ancient, and our corner of it is not particularly special.…

7 months ago