Europa Clipper Could Help Discover if Jupiter's Moon is Habitable

Since 1979, when the Voyager probes flew past Jupiter and its system of moons, scientists have speculated about the possibility…

4 days ago

If Earth is Average, We Should Find Extraterrestrial Life Within 60 Light-Years

A new study estimates that there could be 11,000 habitable planets within 100 parsecs of our Sun, the nearest being…

2 months ago

The Most Compelling Places to Search for Life Will Look Like “Anomalies”

A new study considers how future astrobiology studies could search for life "as we don't know it" on exoplanets.

4 months ago

The 2nd Annual Penn State SETI Symposium and the Search for Technosignatures!

This year's Penn State SETI Symposium provided a good rundown of the field and the kinds of studies scientists will…

4 months ago

How Will We the Find First Signs of Alien Life — and When?

When will we find evidence for life beyond Earth? And where will that evidence be found? University of Arizona astronomer Chris…

4 months ago

Olympus Could Have Been a Giant Volcanic Island in an Ancient Martian Ocean

New research shows that Mars' Olympus Mons may have once been a volcanic island surrounding by ocean.

5 months ago

This Mess of Boulders Was Deposited by an Ancient River on Mars

NASA's Perseverance rover took its 20th sample from "Emerald Lake," an area filled by rocks that were deposited by an…

5 months ago

Venus has Clouds of Concentrated Sulfuric Acid, but Life Could Still Survive

A new study has found that some of the building blocks of organic molecules could survive in Venus clouds, suggesting…

5 months ago

Bringing the Gift of Hope to Ukrainian Kids through Astronomy

Through education, virtual tours, and outreach programs, Earthlings Hub is inspiring Ukrainians orphans and refugees to reach for the stars!

6 months ago

Moons Orbiting Rogue Planets Could be Habitable

A new study reveals how rogue planets could have "Ocean World" moons that may support life.

9 months ago