Perseverance Rover

NASA's Mars Helicopter Went Silent for Six Agonizing Days

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter on Mars has exceeded everyone's expectations, recently completing its 51st flight when it was supposed to fly…

8 hours ago

We Can Only Bring 30 Samples of Mars Back to Earth. How Do We Decide?

The Mars Sample Return Mission is one of the most ambitious missions ever conceived. Though the samples won't be returned…

3 weeks ago

Ingenuity Snaps Another Shot of Perseverance on the Move

Our favorite Martian helicopter did it again. The tiny Ingenuity chopper recently did its 51st flight on Mars. It traveled…

1 month ago

NASA Was Hoping for 5 Helicopter Flights on Mars. Ingenuity Just Completed its 50th!

The Ingenuity chopper on Mars is the little helicopter that just keeps on going. It's doing that, even as it…

1 month ago

The Perseverance Rover has Lost its Pet Rock

It’s the end of an era, at least for the Perseverance rover on Mars, who has lost a long-time friend.…

1 month ago

Perseverance is Turning Into That Friend That's Always Picking Up Rocks

NASA's Perseverance rover just obtained its sixteenth sample, which will be retrieved by the joint NASA/ESA Sample Return Mission

2 months ago

Fly Around Jezero Crater on Mars in This New Video

There’s a reason Jezero Crater was chosen as the landing site for the Perseverance Rover: it is considered one of…

2 months ago

Perseverance Watches Carefully as Ingenuity Lifts Off for its 47th Flight

In some of the best footage yet, the Perseverance rover has taken new video of the Ingenuity helicopter taking off…

3 months ago

How are Mars Rocks Getting “Shocked” by Meteorite Impacts?

A new NASA study shows how samples obtained by Perseverance could have been shaped by asteroid impacts when Mars was…

3 months ago

Follow Perseverance on Its Mars Journey With This Two-Year Timelapse

Hard to believe, but the Perseverance Rover has begun its third year exploring Mars. On Feb. 18, 2021,  Perseverance rover…

3 months ago