China’s Mars-bound Tianwen-1 Takes a Selfie

The CNSA (Chinese National Space Agency) has released an image of its Tianwen-1 spacecraft to coincide with the National Day…

2 years ago

China’s First Mars Lander is Going to be Called “Tianwen”

Friday April 24th was China's "Space Day," celebrated on the 50 year anniversary of their first satellite launch. This past…

3 years ago

Schiaparelli’s One Second Of Terror

Investigators have made progress into determining the cause of the Schiaparelli accident, which appears to be due to a temporary…

6 years ago

Schiaparelli is Gone. Smashed on the surface of Mars

It appears that Europe's Schiaparelli Mars lander crashed-landed on the planet's surface and may have exploded.

6 years ago

Rosetta’s Philae Lander in Permanent Sleep

ESA's Philae lander, the first spacecraft to successfully soft-land on the surface of a comet and former piggyback partner to Rosetta,…

7 years ago

What About a Mission to Europa?

Europa’s water exists in a layer around the planet, encased in a layer of ice. Could there be life down…

8 years ago

Have We Found Rosetta’s Lost Philae Lander?

It's only a bright dot in a landscape of crenulated rocks, but the Rosetta team thinks it might be Philae, the…

8 years ago

Philae Lander Early Science Results: Ice, Organic Molecules and Half a Foot of Dust

An uncontrolled, chaotic landing.  Stuck in the shadow of a cliff without energy-giving sunlight.  Philae and team persevered.  With just 60…

8 years ago

New Images from Philae Reveal Comet’s Ancient Surface

We may not know exactly where Philae is, but it's doing a bang-up job sending its first photos from comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.…

8 years ago

Canadian Micro-Rover and Lander “Northern Light” Aim for Launch to Mars in 2018

The first Canadian mission to Mars could be blasting off towards the Red Planet in just three years time. At…

8 years ago