China Unable to Reestablish Contact With its Zhurong Mars Rover

China’s National Space Administration (CNSA) has been hoping to reestablish communications with the Zhurong Mars rover, but so far, their…

3 weeks ago

China is Considering Where to Build a Lunar Research Station

The second Moon race is in full swing, with the world's two big superpowers angling to score a new set…

4 weeks ago

What’s Next for China’s Lunar Exploration Plans?

China is starting to become a force in space exploration. Its main focal point of lunar exploration has started bearing…

2 months ago

China Launches Mengtian, the Last Major Module to its Space Station

China's Tiangong space station just received its final module, the Mengtian laboratory, making it complete,

3 months ago

The Moon had Volcanoes More Recently Than Previously Believed

Recent analysis of the samples returned by the Chang'e-5 mission reveal that volcanic activity on the Moon lasted longer than…

3 months ago

Chinese Companies are Planning to Offer Space Tourism Flights by 2025

China hopes to send passengers to space by 2025 as part of their plan to secure a part of the…

4 months ago

Chinese Astronauts Successfully Grow Rice in Space

Rice is one of the world's staple crops. It is regularly eaten by more than half the world's population. And…

5 months ago

China’s Long March Rocket Booster Makes Uncontrolled Reentry Back to Earth

A Chinese Long March 5B rocket first stage made an uncontrolled, fiery reentry through Earth’s atmosphere over Southeast Asia today…

6 months ago

China has Added a Science Module to its New Space Station

China has expanded their research capabilities on the Tiangong 3 space station by adding a science module, named Wentian. The…

6 months ago

China is Considering a Nuclear-Powered Mission to Neptune

A team of Chinese scientists have proposed a mission that would explore Neptune and its largest moon Triton using a…

7 months ago