Questions Remain on Chinese Rocket That Created an Unusual Double Crater on the Moon

In November, we reported how an impact on the Moon from a Chinese Long March rocket booster created an unusual…

2 months ago

There are Mysterious Polygons Beneath the Surface of Mars

China's Zhurong rover was equipped with a ground-penetrating radar system, allowing it to peer beneath Mars's surface. Researchers have announced…

3 months ago

China’s Space Station, Seen from Orbit

When the Space Age dawned in 1957, there were only two players: the USA and the USSR. The USA won…

3 months ago

A Chinese Booster (and Additional Secret Payload) Caused a Double Crater on the Moon

Last year, astronomers warned that a large piece of debris was on a collision course with the Moon. Initially, they…

3 months ago

A Robotic Chemist Could Whip up the Perfect Batch of Oxygen on Mars

Humans on Mars will need oxygen, and Mars' atmosphere is pretty anemic when it comes to the life-sustaining element. NASA's…

3 months ago

Plants Could Grow in Lunar Regolith Using Bacteria

A team of Chinese researchers has shown how fertility can be boosted for plants grown in lunar soil.

3 months ago

Gaia is so Accurate it Can Predict Microlensing Events

Using data from DR3, a team of Chinese researchers have predicted thousands of future microlensing events!

3 months ago

China Wants to Retrieve a Sample of Mars by 2028

In preparation for their sample-return mission to Mars (Tianwen-3), Chinese scientists have created an atmospheric model that accurately simulates Martian…

3 months ago

China Set Up a Tiny Farm on the Moon in 2019. How Did it Do?

China's Chang'e-4 mission grew the first plants on the Moon, and the results of the experiment could lead to lunar…

4 months ago

China Showcases its Lunar Exploration Plans

In a recent bootlegged video, China provided a detailed look at their plans for the future of lunar exploration.

4 months ago