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We Know We’re Made of Stardust. But Did it Come From Red Giants?

We've all heard this one: when you drink a glass of water, that water has already been through a bunch…

7 months ago

Weekly Space Hangout – Mar 17, 2017: Stuart McNeill of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Special Guest: Stuart McNeill is the the Community Engagement specialist in charge of Family Programs and…

3 years ago

Astronomy Cast 323: Isotopes

The number of protons defines an element, but the number of neutrons can vary. We call these different flavors of…

7 years ago

Isotopes May One Day Aid In Planet Search

When we consider samples from the solar nebula, we think about comets and meteorites. These materials come from our solar…

7 years ago

More Evidence That Mars Lost Its Atmosphere

Although today Mars' atmosphere is sparse and thin -- barely 1% the density of Earth's at sea level -- scientists…

7 years ago

Did A Supernova Shape Our Solar System?

[/caption] Away in space some 4.57 billion years ago, in a galaxy yet to be called the Milky Way, a…

9 years ago