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Traces of One of the Oldest Stars in the Universe Found Inside Another Star

Despite all we know about the formation and evolution of the Universe, the very early days are still kind of…

1 month ago

There Should Be More Iron In Space. Why Can’t We See It?

Iron is one of the most abundant elements in the Universe, along with lighter elements like hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon.…

2 months ago

Lakes on Titan Might Have Exotic Crystals Encrusted Around Their Shores

Titan is a mysterious, strange place for human eyes. It's a frigid world, with seas of liquid hydrocarbons, and a…

3 months ago

Hubble Finds Buckyballs in Space

Scientists working with the Hubble Space Telescope have found a very complex molecule out there in space. Called Buckyballs, after…

3 months ago

The First Molecule that was Possible in the Universe has been Seen in Space

It takes a rich and diverse set of complex molecules for things like stars, galaxies, planets and lifeforms like us…

5 months ago

What are Molecules?

Molecules are the basic buildings blocks of life and matter, and our understanding of them has evolved considerably over time.

3 years ago