full moon

Volcanic Hotspot Found on the Moon

A recent study published in Nature examines a volcanic hotspot that potentially exists beneath a feature on the Moon’s farside…

9 months ago

Here Are Some Amazing Pictures of the January 2018 Lunar Eclipse

Here are some lovely photographs that were taken of the "Super Blue Moon", which appeared in the early-morning sky today!

6 years ago

What is a Waxing Moon?

Between a New Moon and a Full Moon, the Moon goes through its "waxing" phases, where its surface increases in…

7 years ago

Eclipse By Fire! Smoky Haze Pervades Night Sky, Darkens Moon

Did you see the Moon last night? I walked outside at 10:30 p.m. and was stunned to see a dark,…

9 years ago

August Full Moon Anticipates September’s Total Lunar Eclipse

Who doesn't love a Full Moon? Occurring about once a month, they never wear out their welcome. Each one becomes a special event…

9 years ago

What is a Hunter’s Moon?

If you live in the northern hemisphere, than stargazing during the early autumn months can a bit tricky. During certain…

9 years ago

Jupiter and the Full Snow Moon Come Together In a Beautiful Conjunction Tonight

The Full Moon celebrates Jupiter's coming opposition by accompanying the bright planet in a beautiful conjunction tonight. Even last night Jupiter and…

9 years ago

Guide to Tonight’s Big Harvest Moon

Tonight, September 8, the Harvest Moon rises the color of a fall leaf and spills its light across deserts, forests, oceans and cities.…

10 years ago

Get Set for the Super (or Do You Say Harvest?) Full Moon 3 of 3 for 2014

Time to dust off those ‘what is a perigee Full Moon’ explainer posts… the supermoon once again cometh this weekend…

10 years ago

Perigee “Super” Moon Images from Around the World

Wow! The astrophotographers out there are getting artsy! Take a look at some of the most artistic images of the…

10 years ago