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All Life on Earth is Made up of the Same 20 Amino Acids. Scientist Now Think They Know Why

A new study has shown that the building blocks of life (amino acids) may have come together more easily than…

7 months ago

Researchers May Have Found the Missing Piece of Evidence that Explains the Origins of Life

A team of researchers have shown how the basic building blocks of life could have arose on a primordial Earth,…

7 months ago

Estimating When Life Could Have Arisen on Earth

A new study by a team of Canadian researchers places new constraints on when life first emerged on Earth, which…

1 year ago

Bayesian Analysis Rains On Exoplanet Life Parade

It's tempting to think that life is plentiful in the Universe, if only we could locate it. But a pair…

4 years ago

Jupiter – Our Silent Guardian?

[/caption] We live in a cosmic shooting gallery. In Phil Plait's Death From the Skies, he lays out the dangers…

10 years ago


[/caption] How did life on Earth arise? Scientific efforts to answer that question are called abiogenesis. More formally, abiogenesis is…

10 years ago