Habitable Planets Will Most Likely be Cold, Dry “Pale Yellow Dots”

Remember all the habitable planets we've seen in science fiction movies? There's wintry Hoth, for example, and overwhelmingly hot Dune.…

2 weeks ago

It Appears That Enceladus is Even More Habitable Than we Thought

It takes a watery world to support life as we know it, but it also takes a special bit extra.

2 weeks ago

Alien Artifacts Could Be Hidden Across the Solar System. Here’s how we Could Search for Them.

Do aliens exist? Almost certainly. The universe is vast and ancient, and our corner of it is not particularly special.…

3 weeks ago

These Ancient Microbes Give a Glimpse of What Extraterrestrial Life Might Look Like

Will we discover simple life somewhere? Maybe on Enceladus or Europa in our Solar System, or further away on an…

3 months ago

Curiosity Finds Life-Crucial Carbon in Mars Rocks

We are carbon-based life forms. That means the basis for the chemical compounds that forms our life is the element…

3 months ago

Maybe We Don’t Hear From Aliens Because They Choose To Go Silent

How will humanity meet its end? That's only a depressing question if you think that humanity will go on forever.…

5 months ago

Carbon-12 is an Essential Building Block for Life and Scientists Have Finally Figured Out How it Forms in Stars

Artist's impression of a red giant star. Their cores are cauldrons where carbon-12 is produced. Credit:NASA/ Walt Feimer Each of…

5 months ago

Scientists Create Molecules that can Follow Darwinian Evolution

A team of researchers at the University of Tokyo have discovered a set of RNA molecules that are capable of…

5 months ago

Hydrogen Gas Can Seep Through Rock Providing Food to Bacteria. Another Place to Look for Life On Other Worlds.

Spin Google Earth around until you're looking down at the nation of Oman. Ancient rock in that country is the…

5 months ago

All Five of Life's Informational Components can Form in Space

A new analysis of meteorite samples has found the building blocks of life that have eluded scientists so far.

5 months ago